You've tried wining and dining but it's time to pull out the big guns — chocolate. Yes that's right, cookies, cupcakes, cheesecakes and more! Win them over one chocolate truffle at a time. You can bet taking your hot date to a bakery or dessert shop is always a good idea. Who can resist a freshly baked blueberry cheese danish or caramel apple anyway?

So have a look at these fabulous bakeries and cafes. Indulge in some of the best desserts in town. Forget about counting those pesky carbs and settle your sweet tooth craving once and for all!

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1. Manna European Bakery And Deli

Hats off to this bakery! You've haven't lived until you've tried one their blueberry cream cheese danishes. Manna Bakery doesn't mess around. They also offer an assortment of truffles, treats, croissants and other sweets. Oh and don't forget they prepare a freshly baked loaf of bread daily.

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2. Coffee Matters

Coffee Matters should be included on your cheat day. With so many delectable options to be had I bet you can't pick just one. They serve some of the best cheesecakes around along with chocolate mousse desserts. Grab a light roast coffee and spoil your date to some of the best dessert around.

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3. Stockwood Bakery and Delicatessen

24 hours of delightful goodness, Stockwoods is a staple in the heart of the city. Going on a late night date? Make sure you swing by and treat them to a piece of chocolate eruption cheesecake. Don't forget yourself while you're at it! Stockwood specialises in cakes, cupcakes and various other bakery items.

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4. The Rocket Bakery

Calling all croissant lovers, The Rocket Bakery makes one glorious almond croissant. So flakey and melts in your mouth — like every good croissant should. Of course, they also make other desserts that will make you forget about your fun diet. Such as, chocolate tarts, signature cakes and puddings. They also serve gluten friendly options like vegan fudge, flourless chocolate and French Macarons! How can you say no to that?

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5. Newfoundland Chocolate Company

You've probably seen the chocolate bars around town: "Arse On Dat" and "Some Sweet." They have some of the best chocolate around and all made locally! If you haven't sampled any of their chocolate then what are you waiting for? Their truffles are handmade and their taste is perfection. You and your date will not be disappointed.

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6. Fixed Coffee and Baking

A smaller coffee shop but don't let the size deceive you! The folks at Fixed bake pastries from scratch every morning just for you! Their cozy atmosphere is a prime location to sit back, enjoy each others company and nibble on some apple pie. In this case, the early bird gets the freshest worm!

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7. Moo Moo's Ice Cream

2 scoops of delicious creamy goodness. Yes Moo Moo's Ice Cream is open on the weekends during the winter season! Do your date a favour and bring them to the best ice cream place in St. John's! With so many flavours to choose from you'll go back for a second date hands down. A popular choice is their turtle cheesecake.

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8. Volcano Bakery

Home to the gigantic cinnamon bun. Impress the tastebuds of your date with one of these baby's. This Icelandic bakery is fairly new to the city. Not a cinnamon bun lover? No worries, they also bake a multitude of goodies, such as: rum fingers, lava cake and cream puffs. Carbs never tasted so sweet!

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9. Gerogetown Bakery

An oldie but a goodie, Georgetown Bakery is known for their bagels. But they also make a mean chocolate croissant. Along with date squares, pound cake and lemon loafs. This little gem is hidden away on Hayward Ave. but not forgotten about. Get there quick as they often sell out of their delicious products!

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10. Menchie's Frozen Yogurt

Is gluten your dates worst nightmare? No gluten, no problem! Menchie's offers gluten free frozen yogurt for all your dates needs. With their flavours always changing there is something new to try every time. Don't forget the abundance of toppings. Sour keys, smarties, fruit all topped with chocolate drizzle. The best of both worlds in one little cup.

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11. BeaverTails

Take your special friend to the loop for a skate and then dig in to a beavertail. This chocolatey heaven will be the best way to warm your buns after a skate. Deep fried dough, smothered with your choice of chocolate or Oreo icing layered with bananas, cookie crumble, Reese pieces or whatever your little heart desires. You need to try one of these treasures at least once!

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12. Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

The "healthier" side of desserts — chocolate dipped granny smith apples. A messy but worth while experience of a candy apple. Rocky Mountain has a huge selection of dipped apples. From New York Cheese cake, gummy worms, apples laced with nuts, you name it they have it. If you want stay on the carb train then they also offer cute little chocolates. The options are endless!

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