Why travel to see the spectacular northern lights when you can enjoy them in Newfoundland and Labrador? That's right, enjoy the breathtaking sights of the aurora borealis up close and personal. From the west coast of Newfoundland, to the east coast, throughout Labrador and the Torngat mountains. Hope for clear skies and a huge solar storm to get the best view.

So grab your bae, your friends or even do it solo. Get that photo you've been dreaming of by visiting these spots.

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Torngat Mountains

This is a National Park is way up north with all those cute polar bears. If you haven't been to northern Labrador then you're missing out big time. One of the best places to see see the aurora borealis along with hand grafted igloos.

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A little closer to home is Ferryland. Some may say they are surprised you can catch the northern lights this close to home but it's not impossible! With a clear sky, a big enough solar storm and the right camera you're in business. And plus there's a lighthouse, what more do you want?

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Woody Point

After a long day hiking Gros Morne mountain it's time to relax. Of course why not take in the view while you're doing it? Woody Point is a small community just outside the park. Overlooking Bonne Bay you can see the spectacular view of the northern lights.

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Lark Harbour

Lark Harbour is a little treasure with some amazing views. Near by is Blow Me Down Park Provincial Park which is a huge tourist attraction. Because this is only a small community there isn't any huge lights to take away from the beauty before you.


Fogo Island

Not only will you be blown away by Mother Nature, but the handy work of a few architects. On Fogo Island you can eat a delicious meal, sip on some deadly coffee and see the aurora borealis all in the one spot. Talk about the best weekend getaway ever.

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Port Au Port

If you're on the hunt for that northern lights photograph then why not visit Port Au Port? Tucked away on the west coast is a rocky shoreline and clear skies. The perfect landscape for that photo you've been dreaming about.


Gros Morne National Park

As if Gros Morne isn't beautiful enough, lets just throw in an amazing solar show. Watch them just about anywhere in the park. If you're really adventurous hike a few trails, camp out and you're in for a show of a lifetime.

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All the way in Labrador is a little community called Nain. One of the best place to fill up your camera with beautiful photos. It's gonna be hard to take a bad one when the view is this mind blowing.


Blow Me Down Brook

The west coast seems to have all the hot spots. Blow Me Down Brook is nestled around the city of Corner Brook. Don't let the name scare you because the only thing that will be blown is your mind.

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Labrador City

Bundle up and catch a flight to Labrador to take in the views. Worth the flight and the frosty weather any day. When you see this every day you'll never want to leave.


Bay of Islands

Complete your bucket list by visiting Bay of Islands. It may seem like it's in the middle of no where but that's the beauty of it. Not to mention complete solitude with no noise of a huge city. Sit back, relax, star gaze and be in awe of the aurora borealis above you.

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Cow Head

A short drive from Gros Morne National Park is Cow Head. What a name right? The perfect spot to pitch a tent, pack a overnight bag and star gaze until you fall asleep. Oh and if you're lucky enough you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the northern lights in all their glory.

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