By now, if you haven't tried Beyond Meat, you've probably at least heard about it. The plant-based, protein-packed meat substitute has been showing up on grocery shelves and in some of our favourite fast-food joints in Canada. Today, the vegan "meat" has made a new appearance in yet another popular restaurant chain. The new Subway Canada Beyond Meat sandwich was just unveiled and it's changing the sub world forever.

The Beyond Meatball Marinara Sub will officially launch this Sept. 2019 and will be available at 685 participating locations across the U.S. and Canada for a limited time only. The new sandwich is born from Subway's desire to explore and offer plant-based proteins. 

The sub will be modelled after the classic Meatball Marinara sandwich, but with a plant-based twist. You can enjoy mouth-watering marinara sauce, grated parmesan cheese, and deliciously crispy toasted bun, all inside this veggie sub.

Unlike many vegetable options, this sub comes with an incredible 24 grams of protein per 6-inch sub. 

Subway Restaurant is exciting about offering new options and flavours to guests. The sandwich will be the very first plant-based protein option for Subway, and a debut for the Beyond Meatball. Look for this "plant-tastic" sandwich in stores next month!

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