Stop what you’re doing and throw out your Shreddies, Tim Hortons' brand new Timbit breakfast cereal has finally landed in Canadian grocery stores, and here’s everything you need to know about getting hold of it!

After hinting at the release of an exciting new breakfast product back in October 2019, Tim Hortons finally confirmed last week that their latest product would be arriving in Canadian stores in early January 2020.

In a news release, the Canadian company promised that their newest snack would bring “a whole new element of fun” to breakfast time.

The donut-themed creation comes in two different flavours, “Chocolate Glazed” and “Birthday Cake,” inspired by two of their most-loved Timbits.

When it was first announced that they’d be launching donut-inspired breakfast cereal, Canadians had mixed reactions, with one critic describing the snack as “even less-fresh Timbits!” 

Despite the negative responses from some Canadians online, it seems that many of us have not been deterred from trying the new products, as there was still a pretty big buzz at my local Sobeys store in Ottawa.

In order to taste-test them and to accurately assess which flavour is the best, I tracked down two boxes of Tim Hortons’ new Timbit cereal, and this is my honest opinion.

Chocolate Glazed

If you’re a big fan of chocolatey cereal, then this is for you. It’s like Nesquik, but better, and the chocolatey milk leftover has those vague nostalgic vibes that only weird, sweet, sickly foods can give you.

The Timbit bites look *exactly* like they do on the box, which is both satisfying and disconcerting in equal measures, and it tastes pretty much entirely as you'd expect.

While it’s not particularly exciting, it is familiar and comforting, and it’s tasty enough for you to forgive the incredible amount of sugar that's left floating in the bowl.

It's probably not going to be an every-morning thing, and you're probably not going to feel good about yourself after eating a big bowl of it, but it's a nice snack to have in the cupboard for rainy days.

Birthday Cake 

Imagine the sweetest cereal you’ve ever eaten. Now imagine you add three or four spoonfuls of sugar to the milk. Now, throw in an extra sweetener to the bowl. Or two. 

That is what this cereal tastes like.

The Birthday Cake-flavoured Timbit cereal tastes like nothing but sugar, candy, and sweetener, all rolled into one little crunchy ball.

If unhealthy had a taste, this would be it. Your mom would go crazy if she knew you were eating this for breakfast.

If the garish, bold colours weren’t enough to put you off, the blue-ish grey colour of the milk at the end surely will.

It's not that it's particularly bad-tasting, it just doesn't taste like something you should be eating first thing in the morning. Or for any meal, really.

That said, neither flavour is particularly good for you. With roughly 17 grams of sugar in each 34-gram portion, it's the equivalent of around two double-doubles’ worth of sugar!

These patriotic Canadian puffs are now available in major grocery store retailers across the country.

According to my local Sobeys store, the new product will eventually retail for $5.29, which is a pretty hefty price tag for a very average breakfast snack.

That said, in participating Sobeys locations, it's on offer for just $2.99, for a limited time only. 

For this reduced price, I’d suggest still giving them both a try, even if it is just to remind you why you usually have toast in the morning.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of Narcity Media.

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