A new survey conducted by KAYAK and OpenTable has found that Canada is home to not one, but two of the world’s ‘Top 25 Hidden Gem Restaurants Worth Travelling For.’ Alongside eateries in Tokyo, London, Dubai, and Berlin, these two Canadian restaurants have been deemed the ‘creme de la creme’ of the dining world, and you’d be crazy to miss out!

The first Canadian restaurant that makes KAYAK and OpenTable’s Top 25 Hidden Gems list is located in Vancouver, and is described as being perfect for dates, special occasions, and foodies! Coming in at number 13 on the list, the study describes Vancouver's Osteria Savio Volpe restaurant as “the neighbourhood joint of your dreams,” and says that it serves some of the best rustic Italian food on the planet!

If you’re after some incredible food at a reasonable price, KAYAK's research expects a standard meal at Osteria Savio Volpe to cost around $30 and under, meaning you can taste some of the world’s best Italian cuisine, for less than $100 for two people!

However, you better be quick! According to the study, tables are available up to six months in advance and they’re not available for long! If you’re a true pizza, handcrafted pasta and wine lover, this could be the perfect spot for you - no matter how long you have to wait for a table!

Interestingly enough, the second Canadian ‘Top 25 Hidden Gem’ location is also an Italian restaurant, specializing in pasta, pizza and paninis. Tucked away on Queen West in Toronto, the Terroni-Queen restaurant is described as being, “the perfect spot to fuel up as you take in Queen Street’s historic buildings and indulge in retail therapy.”

The Toronto-based Italian restaurant is rated as the 19th best ‘Hidden Gem’ in the whole world, perhaps due to its royalty-worthy, acclaimed gnocchi. The KAYAK and OpenTable study finds the restaurant to be reasonably priced, but slightly more expensive than the Vancouver location.

Guests at Terroni-Queen should expect to pay anywhere between $31 and $50 for a standard meal, and, again, expect to book way ahead! Bookings open from 3 months in advance, and are not often available at the last minute!

Fortunately, if Terroni-Queen is busy, there are several other Terroni locations in Toronto that are probably worth checking out! The company also has a restaurant located on Adelaide Street, Yonge Street and Victoria Street. You can view their full menu and list of locations here!

If you’re really prepared to travel for the absolute best-of-the-best when it comes to the world’s best ‘Hidden Gems’ locations, you’ll have to think about booking a flight all the way to Hawaii. The number one spot on the list is located in Honolulu, and it is described as having, “the best of Hawaii's bounty.”

The 12th Avenue Grill is recognized for their incredible ‘farm-to-table’ food service, as well as their locally sourced produce and craft cocktails, which are made with housemade shrubs and syrups. KAYAK has found that the best meal on their menu is the tender and flavorful Jidoori chicken breast with Manoa honey and Hamakua mushroom ragout, which sounds as good as it probably tastes!

While it certainly won’t be a cheap night out to fly to Hawaii, the food remains pretty affordable, costing between $31-$50 for a standard meal.

If you’re keen to travel across the world looking for the planet’s best secret spots for incredible cuisine, you can find KAYAK and OpenTable’s full list here!

If you’re happy to stay in Canada, how about a trip to Vancouver or Toronto for some of the world’s best Italian food? It’s almost impossible to say no!

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