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If the population of Toronto were forced to choose between booze and noms, chances are we would all come together and choose death, let's face it, It's basically Sophie's choice. If there are two things that Toronto loves, like a lot, it's great drinks and great food.
This city boasts an abundance of terrific restaurants with great drink menus but also a large number of great bars with drool worthy food menus. Sometimes you don't even want a beer, you just want some good ol' fashioned nachos or maybe it's your turn to be the DD.
These ten spots are worthy of a visit for their grub alone so next time you're "never drinking again" *wink wink* or it's your turn to babysit your drunk friends, hit up one of these delicious spots!

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416 Snack Bar

81 Bathurst Street, (416) 364-932

Deep. Fried. Mars. Bars. & Cannoli's, what more do you really need? Toronto's only snack bar is a god sent for nights when half the group wants to drink while the other half just wants to eat.

Real Sports Bar & Grill

15 York Street, (416) 815-7325

Real Sports may come off as strictly a sports bar for leafs/raptors/FC/Jays fans to flaunt their, at times douchey, sports pride but hit it up on a quiet night to just enjoy the beer battered onion rings and hefty dessert menu. You will not be disappointed.

Lou Dawgs

76 Gerrard Street East, (647) 349-3294 & 589 King Street West, (647) 347-3294

A given for any and all Ryerson students but the rest of Toronto needs to understand how good this pub food is. Pulled pork and deep fried pickles for days will have you almost forgetting to order your beer.

Pravda Vodka Bar

44 Wellington Street East, (416) 306-2433

A little more high-end than the other spots on this list, Pravda is a good choice when your group of friends can't seem to come to a decision on whether tonight is a dinner date or a drinking date kind of night. The best of both worlds.

The Caledonian

856 College Street, (647) 547-9827

Follow your authentically delicious fish and chips up with a deep fried mars bars for dessert and it's pretty much impossible to leave unsatisfied. This is not the place to go if you just want 'a snack' this is full blown, unbutton-your-jeans, eating but you will not be sorry.

El Furniture Warehouse

232 Queen Street West & 410 Bloor Street

El Furniture has been the talk of the town lately and just recently opened their second location on Queen West so you know it's only going to get more buzz. Their food is perfect when on a budget, all menu items are under 5$, seriously. This place has it all, great atmosphere, great drinks and great food.

The Dock Ellis

1280 Dundas Street West, (416) 792-8472

Not only does the Dock Ellis implement a craft beer only policy, their food is to-die-for while reasonably priced. Choices include, but are far from limited to sausage, brunch, pork chimichanga and the heavenly southern fried chicken sandwich.

Photo cred - thewrendanforth

The Wren

1382 Danforth Avenue, (647) 748-1382

Check out thewrendanforth on Instagram if you even slightly doubt me and I promise you'll be calling all your friends searching for someone down to hit it up with you. Not the most vegetarian friendly because their motto seems to be meat on meat on meat on more meat. Drool over the ground Turkey Tacos, with spiced ground turkey, jicama guacamole, salsa verde, white cheddar, sour cream & hot peppers.

Photo cred - food&liquor

Food & Liquor

1610 Queen Street West, (647) 748-7113

Food & Liquor is still relatively new to the Toronto scene so it was a struggle to find you a mouth watering photo of food but do not let that fool you. The food is a little fancier than your typical burger and fries but still so mighty delicious. Try the crisp octopus and semifreddo to start & keep the taste tests coming.

Sneaky Dee's

431 College Street, (416) 603-3090

If you live in Toronto and have not ever eaten at Sneaky Dee's, specifically the nachos, then you are either allergic to delicious or take pleasure in denying yourself life's pleasures, either way, seek help. Sneaks is a Toronto staple for drinks and debauchery but the food menu stands alone. Meet you there.

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