As the famous Marvin Gaye once said: "let's get it on",  but before that, sometimes you have to "get in the mood".

So how do you do that? Well, it might be as simple as picking the right restaurant for dinner. Between the food, the ambiance and the layout, a lot can determine if you will leave wanting to get frisky, or just exhausted and ready to ptfo. So whether you're going on a first date and want to start things on a steamy note, or perhaps just need to spice up your current relationship, you have come to the right place.

We have compiled a list of some of Toronto's sexiest and most intimate restaurants: 

Frank's Kitchen // 588 College St

Paris is the city of love, and while heading to Europe might be a bit of an extreme way to set the mood, Frank's Kitchen is a great alternative, a cozy spot where you can find some incredible fine-dining with French flare. They have especially great steaks, as well as delicious frog legs (don't knock it until you try it!).

Cava // 1560 Yonge St

Cava, which means "wine cellar" in Spanish, focuses exactly on that: really, really great wine.  Their modern Iberian menu plays harmoniously with their long list of wines and if a bottle of great red wine doesn't set the mood, then I don't know what will.

Parcae // 348 Adelaide St W

A semi-secret spot, found in the Templar Hotel, Parcae is sure to get your heart rate up. The dimly-lit dining, complete with a sexy backlit artwork covering an entire wall (and yes those are different body parts), gives this spot it's sultry air. The menu features many extravagant and unique dishes, with the octopus and bone marrow as the definite must-try.

416 Snack Bar // 181 Bathurst St

Sharing is caring right? 416 Snackbar's plates are definitely meant to be shared; personal favourites include the steak tartar and the jerk grilled whole-fish platter. The setting is definitely intimate, with dripping wax candles as one of the few sources of light, as well as the small size of the space will make you get close to whoever you're with.

Photo cred - Portland Variety

Portland Variety // 587 King St W

Portland Variety boasts both a sexy, sophisticated atmosphere, as well as some of the best cocktails in the city. It's decor features dark wood and marble mixed with a warm-candle light glow, a sure recipe for romance. Try some jamon serrano, a Spanish delicacy, or  the tequila-bong cocktail, a smokey cocktail that will make your clothes fall off.

Fring's // 455 King St W

If it's good enough for one of the world's sexiest rappers, it's good enough for you. Combine Drake crooning over the speakers, neo-gothic decor and amazing cocktails, like the gin-based "Sweeterman", and it's impossible not to get in the mood. Try to cop a seat in one of the fuzzy chairs that will have you feeling like you just took a Jeffrey (Get Him To The Greek reference.)

Tappo Wine Bar // 2 Trinity St

Being located in an landmark distillery building gives Tappo Wine it's old world elegance and ultimately, it's romantic vibe. The exposed brick and beamed ceiling will make you feel like you've taken a drive out of the city and found yourself somewhere in the countryside. Their blend of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine further adds to their smooth and seductive atmosphere. Did we mention it's a wine bar?

Valdez // 606 King St W

Spice things up, both literally and figuratively, at Valdez. This South American street-food spot is a totally unique experience in the city, with it's upbeat and fiery atmosphere, as well as delicious, shared plates. Their fun and casual decor will transport you to the sexy streets of perhaps Brazil or Argentina, and then have you continuing to  tango back at your place after ;). Try the ceviche! They have many different kinds but our personal favourite is the grouper with grilled pineapple.

John and Sons // 56 Temperance St

When it comes to setting the mood, many of us turn to aphrodisiacs, so go to the source: John and Sons Oyster House. The rest of their menu is just as great, and their decor is relaxed and "brings a maritime pub to the heart of Toronto". Perhaps it will even have you reminiscing about the time you and your sweetheart stayed at that super romantic B&B in PEI.

Photo cred - patriatoronto

Patria // 478 King St W

They say Spanish is the language of love, so practicing while reading the menu of Patria will definitely get you in the mood. If that's not enough, Patria's Spanish fare of seafood paella, artisan cheeses and meats, as well as THE most incredible olives you will ever have, are sure to do the trick. It's decor also pays homage to some gothic elements and is something straight out of a Velasquez painting.

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