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Whenever our "foodie" funds hit zero and our ATMs decide they need a break, we always go back to one thing: sandwiches. They're often grilled and cheesy and if you're not another Toronto trust fund baby that has a million flaws, then you're aware they're an extremely flexible meal option. Luckily, communities across the GTA take pride in mastering their own two-slice creations - from brisket fixes to lobster rolls. They're not perfect by any means, but at least they'll listen to your melodrama.

Brock Sanwich's Crispy Chicken

"Super delicious tasty goodness for your mouth". That's Brock Sandwich's motto and it really is a perfect fit. The Bloor Village eatery prides itself in its Vegan BBQ Smoked Jack Fruit and Shrimp And Giant Squid Po Boy creations but it's the Crispy Chicken that will blatantly flirt with your tastebuds and make sure you never abandon the fried bird again.

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Caplansky's The Reubenesque

Torontonians love Caplansky's. If they're not talking about Caplansky's, Caplansky's, and Caplansky's, they're usually talking about Caplansky's because it's a signature start-up that lets the food do the talking for them. They're a bit on the pricy side for a College St. resto but The Reubenesque - smoked meat, Swiss cheese, Russian dressing, and sauerkraut on rye - will have you eating your heart out.

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Get Melted's La Poire

Get Melted is a wildcard here and only because the Church Street establishment probably makes a killing off of first-year students. The grilled cheese haven is oddly reminiscent of the community clubs that had one pool table, but aside from the medicinal vape lounge and access to an Xbox One, there's also a killer menu. The La Poire for example layers brie, mozzarella, pear, almond, arugula, and dijon on a toasted marble rye.

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JaBistro's Lobster Sandwich

JaBistro's tasting platters are godsends when you're dining with a group, but they can't compare to the fusion sushi hideaway's infamous lobster sandwich. It costs a pretty penny however and rightfully so - the kitchen uses the right amount of spices to let the lobster do its thing and this is a Richmond St. W spot after all. Even the street lights are trendy.

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Leslieville Pumps' Hickory Smoked Chicken Thighs

With its Muskoka décor and truck stop vibes, Leslieville Pumps will try to woo you anyway it can. Enter the Hickory Smoked Chicken Thighs. The mid-day L-Ville snack is laced with tender chicken, arugula, tomatoes, and a custom sweet chili BBQ sauce that's worth at least three praying hands emojis.

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Barque's Brisket Sandwich

Any old writer could say that when it comes to sandwiches, the Roncy resto Barque's up the right tree or has more of a bite than a Barque, but in this case, the terrible humor isn't needed. The Toronto smokehouse is a Sunday favourite and their brisket sandwich is an indescribable throw-together.

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Porchetta & Co.'s The Sandwich

A mean breakfast sandwich? Check. Rambunctious house specials? Check. A side of roasted potatoes that will knock you senseless? Check. But you can't forget about Porchetta's 4oz classic. Whether it's topped off with parmesan, mushrooms, truffle sauce or an extra 2oz of meat for just $3.35, P&C's sandwich staple is hard to miss. Especially if most of it ends up on your face.

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Sky Blue Sky's Wishful Thinking

It's 2014 (and soon to be '15) and since most of us have friends that are anti-deliciousness, it's hard to ignore Toronto's veg-friendly options. Sky Blue Sky's Wishful Thinking is one of The 6's clear highlights as the whole wheat brunch addition is piled with Portobello mushrooms, slow-cooked onions, tomatoes, and avocado. The Bloor West stopover is also conveniently located next to Hot Docs, so fill up and grab an ELT with basil pesto. Your mouth will thank us.

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This End Up's The Pulled BBQ ShroomWich

Dundas West's This End Up is open until 1:30 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays and that's a crime if you ask us. The cozy bites and cocktails space will dethrone your tastebuds with kimchili cheese fries, chicken wings, and baja fish tacos, but don't forget about their Pulled BBQ hybrids. Their looks are deceiving and unsurprisingly, they'll rock you until sunrise. Or whenever you decide to KO.

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California Sandwiches' Veal Sandwich

California Sandwiches operate more than ten locations in the Toronto area and they all abide by one simple rule: making sure they're "the perfect choice every time". They're not flamboyant when it comes to their menu but their veal sandwich is a premier lunch go-to for those looking for freshly-cut ingredients and homegrown details.

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