Each city has statement restaurants worth visiting when you're a new comer. Toronto is not any different, from other places around the globe when it comes to the food industry, and of course we have over 8,000 restaurants to choose from to accommodate everyones taste buds.

Are you visiting the 6ix for the first time? Here's a list of 11 bomb restaurants in Toronto you must visit that will leave you completely speechless because of their food, drinks and welcoming atmospheres:

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1. Blowfish // 668 King St W.

This Japanese restaurant has become a total hotspot for many Torontonians. The upmarket sushi bar offers a trendy, yet elegant environment for guests to indulge in. The Asian fusion restaurant has an extensive food and drink menu, featuring delicious authentic cuisine and a variety of sakes to choose from.

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2. Fring's // 455 King St W.

If you're visiting the 6ix, you have to check out Fring's. For those of you who are not aware, in collaboration with Toronto’s best chef Susur Lee, Toronto's very own Drizzy Drake opened up his own restaurant. It's the place to be seen, eat yummy food, sip on lip-smacking cocktails and take awesome Instagram pics (the 6ix on a wave photo is a must or else you were never there.)

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3. Gusto 101 // 101 Portland St.

Gusto means tasty in Italian and the translation without doubt speaks for the food. It has become a popular gathering place for many locals, who are dedicated fans of Southern Italian cuisine and wines. The open concept kitchen, delicious food, warm and buzzy atmosphere will  have you coming back for more.


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4. Bar Raval // 505 College St.

Also known as the "most ridiculously beautiful bar in town", Bar Raval has become a super hit in Toronto. The breathtaking interior is accented with mesmerizing woodwork and there is plenty of attention to detail in its overall design. A top notch menu was put together by one of Toronto's best chefs Grant van Gameren and the people sure love the tapas on it. Oh, did I forget to mention? You will find the best cocktails in the 6ix at Bar Raval. 

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5. The Good Son // 1096 Queen St W.

This cozy yet electric resto-lounge is by far a Queen St. favourite. The dishes are freshly made using with local and organic produce, and cooked on a wood-fired oven & wood-fired grill that has been imported all the way from Mam Forni, Italy. The menu significantly portrays chef Vittorio Colacitti's international culinary experience, with the twist of multiculturalism that is present in Toronto.  The Good Son is a great place to eat, mingle and socialize with people from the 6ix.

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6. Byblos // 11 Duncan St.

Byblos is a popular Eastern Mediterranean restaurant in Toronto, which serves dishes with strong influences from both traditional and local ingredients. Their menu is truly coastal and culturally mosaic, putting together dishes with regional specific spices.

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7. Pho Tien Thanh // 57 Ossington Ave.

This place is notably one of the top places in the city for a big bowl of delicious pho. The prices are super affordable and the service is super quick, perfect for first comers that are craving pho, perhaps recovering from a hangover after partying on King Street the night before.

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8. Seven Lives // 69 Kensington Ave.

Seven lives is a must visit in Kensington Market. If you're a dedicated lover of Mexican food this is one of the best quick eateries in Toronto. Seven Lives mostly uses local ingredients that are delivered from the food markets in Kensington.  Their mouth-watering tacos are reasonably priced and seriously to-die-for!

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9. The Lakeview Restaurant // 1132 Dundas St W.

 Lakeview has been catering Torontonians since 1932, 24 hours a day. It has been rated as one of the top diners and late eateries in Toronto - and locals absolutely love it.

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10. Oyster Boy // 872 Queen St W.

The home to lip-smacking oysters and fresh seafood in Toronto, Oyster Boy is a great spot to go for a casual dinner. Taste the delicious world of shell and fish, delivered directly from the harvesters on both coasts, paired with a bottle of champagne.



11. La Carnita // multiple locations

La Carnita celebrates the strong urban culture that lives in Toronto. This restaurant has become a popular spot for many Torontonians and is well worth visiting because of it's delicious, authentic, Mexican cuisine, energetic vibes and friendly atmosphere.

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