Let's be real, 'Taco Tuesday' is the best day of the week, but it can sometimes be hard to track down a good spot to get your fix. Luckily, Toronto offers a crazy amount of options, so whether you are looking for a spot with fancy tacos and a cute vibe or want to hit up a dive bar with loaded tacos, we've got you covered! 

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Grand Electric // 1130 Queen St W 

An oldie but a goodie, Grand Electric is a guaranteed hit when it comes to fulfilling your taco craving! Apart from the delicious food, the venue hosts an adorable patio space and an extensive drinks list with hits like the Mint Julep and El Chili Verde. 

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Wilbur Mexicana // 552 King St W 

Wilbur is known not only for their good tacos and ambience but also for how great of a spot the place is for flat lay photos. Pair the marble tables with tacos laid out like an art form and you are guaranteed to get a great meal and a killer insta. As well the crazy selection of hot sauces is a feature you have to try for yourself! 

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La Carnita // 501 College St 

La Carnita is a great space with some unique elements to their menu that make them stand out amongst the rest of the taco spots in Toronto. With starter options like Mexican meatballs, BBQ wings and the mango salad, even your friends who don't like tacos will want to tag along! 

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Seven Lives // 69 Kensington Ave 

If you are looking for tacos that are packed to the brim, check out Seven Lives! The spot in Kensington is a great place to catch lunch after thrift shopping. The spot doesn't cheap out on what's inside the taco so if you want the fullest tacos in the city, check this place out! 

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El Trompo // 277 Augusta Ave

This spot offers Mexico City styled tacos and a great vibe. With a quaint patio space and amazing authentic food, you are guaranteed to have a great time. So invite some friends out, order some margaritas and prep for a great girls night out! 

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Playa Cabana // 111 Dupont St 

From tacos to burritos, Playa Cabana has you covered. The patio space paired with wood tables makes for a sick insta pic and the extensive margarita list makes it the perfect spot after a hot day of strolling through the city. Not only can you choose from one of the margaritas offered, but you can also build your own, so head over and get creative! 

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Tacos 101 // 101 Dundas St E 

The vibrant store front of Tacos 101 will draw you in and the amazing tacos will keep you coming back. The spot takes the taco craze back to basics offering 5 staple taco options you already know and love. So if you want a go to spot that won't disappoint, stop by! 

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Juan Gonzalez Taqueria // 811 Queen St W 

A newer spot in the city, Juan Gonzalez features not only an adorable neon sign that was basically made to be featured on your Instagram, but the tacos are great! The awesome food can be paired with whatever you choose from their crazy selection of pressed juices! 

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King's Tacos // 1190 St. Clair Ave W 

Deemed the "Taco Temple" by many fans of the spot, King's Tacos offers an authentic experience with portion sizes that don't look like they are for an infant. This no frills spot focuses on the food and you can tell, the food is consistently amazing. 

Pastor tacos 🌮🌮🌮 with horchata colada 🍹 with la familia 👪💑👯

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El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane 

El Catrin's ambience in itself is a must see. Nestled in the Distillery District it's practically expected for the spot to have an awesome patio decor set up going on. In regards to the food, from presentation to taste, everything is top notch and you won't be disappointed. The spot is a great option for lunch/dinner if you are exploring Distillery. 

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El Caballito // 220 King St W 

El Caballito has amazing tacos, but the real stand out feature this spot has that sets it apart from the rest is their Saturday brunch menu. From churro pancakes to Huevos Rancheros, there are some really unique options available. Plus they offer group tequila tastings if you and your friends want to spice up your taco night! 

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