Every successful club night in Toronto starts with a fun pre. Most of the time us Torontonians will pre while getting ready, or chilling before we head out to the club. It's a like pre-ritual that is 100% necessary for a successful night out. 

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If you're in the mood for a killer night out and want to have a pre not inside your apartment, you're in luck. Toronto has some awesome bars that have good deals, and are chill enough that you won't be completely sloshed before making it to the club. 

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Bar 244 // 244 Adelaide St. W

Bar 244 is the perfect bar before going to the club. They have killer cheap drink deals, (Thursday, Friday and Saturdays $3 mixed drinks) which is perfect so you don't spend $14 on 8 drinks at huge clubs. 

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Bill Hicks // 946 Queen St. E

This bar has $3 jager shots all the time, which if you ask me is the perfect start to a good night out. 

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Wide Open // 139 Spadina Ave

This bar is small and low-key enough that you can get a good amount of tipsy quick, and then head out on Queen St. W for a night of dancing and good times.

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Red Room // 444 Spadina Ave 

This bar has cheap drinks and food to satisfy you before you go out. This is a perfectly good place to spend your whole night if you're really looking for something chill. 

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Get Well // 1181 Dundas St W

Get Well is the perfect place for a longer pre. There are tons of cool vintage arcade games to play while you drink and prep yourself for a wild night. 

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The Lab (Labrynth Lounge) // 298 Brunswick Ave

This place is notorious for having hella cheap drinks. Which will get you drunk quick if you're on a budget and can't afford crazy club prices. 

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AAA Bar // 138 Adelaide St. E

This bar is perfect for a pre with a friend if you're looking to go out in the east end. It's small and comfortable and will surely relax you before you get wild. 

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The Hole in the Wall // 2867 Dundas West

This chill bar is perfect if you're looking to bar hop and have a chill night. Start your night here, and you'll be sure to have a great night ahead. 

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Smiling Buddha // 961 College Street

If you're looking for a little entertainment before your night begins, check out the smiling buddha. This music/art/sports bar will entertain you before you go out.

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Libertine // 1307 Dundas West

Good food and craft cocktails are this speakeasy style bar's specialty. You could easily end up staying here all night!

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Communists Daughter // 1149 Dundas West

Another cool dive bar with cheap drinks that will make your pre awesome. This bar has super chill vibes that will contribute to an excellent start of the evening. 

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