Toronto is a city with an enormous creative art community that is vividly illustrated on our streets. People gained a huge interest in street art during the 80's, when the noteworthy artist Ren took over the alleyways in Toronto.

Extraordinary art murals are painted on buildings, alleyways, bridges and public spaces. Artists paint unique street art, enlightening Toronto with colorful illustrations and creative, unique pieces.  The city recently started a program called StART that draws to expand, maintain and create appreciation for its' essential role in contributing charm and character to our community.

If you need to update your professional portfolio or simply would like to take some cool Instagram pictures, check out these 12 Places In Toronto With Eye-Catching Graffiti:

1. The Keele-Dundas Wall.

If you regularly commute downtown on the Bloor subway line, there's no way you have missed the abundance of graffiti illustrated between Keele and Dundas station. The breathtaking street art displayed on the back of several Dundas west shops has the ability to brighten anyone's day.

2. Alec Monopoly

One of the world's most famous unidentified graffiti artist, took over the Toronto streets when his staple piece of Rich Uncle Pennybags appeared on the back of a King and Portland shop. Torontonians love Alec's street work so much, that it has become one of the most popular places to take cool Insta photo's.

3. Graffiti Alley

The alley is seized every summer for a 24 hour period of legal painting by a group of artists called Style in Progress. There is about a km of street art along Rick Mercer’s Alley, beginning at 1 Rush lane, south of Queen West from Spadina and Portland. People take photoshoots, film video's and swarm Instagram with the most colorful street art in Toronto without guilt because it's the perfect place to capture moments.

4. Kensington Market

Toronto's hippest neighbourhood displays street art that displays a lot of culture through its' illustrations. The cornucopia of graffiti is painted all over the streets of Kensington but it also has an alleyway dedicated specifically to street art.

Photo cred - @artmoi 

5. Reclamation Wall

Canada's largest street art mural is located in Parkdale, on the Metrolinx rail southwest of the Gladstone Hotel. The colorful work is completely legal, which allows over 50 artists to decorate graffiti on the sound barriers lengthening up to 1000 feet. One of the most notable sprays spells out “Liberty Village/ Parkdale / West Queen West / Toronto.

6. Ossington Laneway

The alleyway is located west of Ossington between Queen and Humber street. If you're travelling on the Queen west streetcar from the downtown core, get off at Ossington to find the laneway. The street art is appreciated by several people within the community because it brings life to their neighbourhood with tags illustrated on numerous garage doors.

7. Underpass Park

Unique graffiti is tagged directly under the Don Valley Parkway in the Canary district. The underpass is a public space which has a skate park, basketball court and playground that is covered in creative and colorful street art.

8. Cabbage Town

Many tags are illustrated in this east side neighborhood of downtown. Cabbage Town is known to be one of Toronto's best residential neighbourhoods for exploring, providing the opportunity to discover several alleys filled with street art.

9. Milky Way

You can discover a ton of street art on Milky Way, near King and Dufferin. Graffiti is sprayed in Toronto's diverse community Parkdale, in a hidden alleyway west of Dufferin just south of Queen.

Photo cred - @geekigirl

10. Studio 835

Graffiti Murals are sprayed on the walls of Studio 835, an art house located at Bloor and Shaw. This location provides the perfect walls for talented artists to tag their extraordinary and colorful street art.

11. East Side Mural

Many Torontonians discover the street art displayed at the east side mural on the way to the Scarborough RT. The work is credited to the 80's Graffiti Knights crew, tagged on an old building with a mix pieces of illustrations and words spelling out "East Side."

12. St. George Subway Station.

There are a couple of illustrations that are worth checking out near St. George Station. You can find Unique tags are located north of Bloor and St. George in the first alleway on the right.

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