With Summer ending soon, maintaining the tan you've gotten over the past few months can get harder when the weather starts to get cooler. Luckily, Toronto is home to a crazy amount of spray tan spots across the city that offer UV-free ways to get a bronzed look. So get a killer tan without the sun damage or damage from a tanning bed and visit one of these hot spots! 

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Sunless Touch Tan // Your House! 

Sunless Touch is a mobile tanning salon that brings tanning to your doorstep! The service is well loved by models, actors and Instagram models like @missashleydenisee and @sarahmacdonalddd so you know that your tan is going to look amazing! 

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Jolie Beauty Bar // 1896 Avenue Road 

The team at Jolie have been trained by a 7 year airbrushing veteran so you can expect an amazing job if you head over to this spot for your spray tan! They also offer different formulas for different skin types and undertones, so don't worry about leaving the salon looking like an oompa loompa as they've got a bronzey tan option for every skin tone! 

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Sugar Moon // Multiple Locations

Sugar Moon boasts that their use of St Tropez and Sun FX combines for the most eco-friendly tanning solution in the city! The nice option with this place is that if you want to only do one part of your body, you can! Most venues only offer half body or full body but at Sugar Moon you can choose between full body, legs, arms, half legs or upper body! Also if you sign up for their newsletter online, you get 20% off your first visit! 

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Body and Soul // Multiple Locations

Body and Soul is a great option if you are a fan of St Tropez. Primarily because the venue actually uses the brand for their spray tans, so if you enjoy the undertone of that self tanner then definitely check this place out! 

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Soleil Tanning Spa // 239 Yonge Street Unit B 

This spot was voted the best tanning spa in the city, so you know they've got to be good. According to frequent visitors the staff are always crazy friendly and helpful as well the tan is always golden and never pulls orange! 

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Goldifox // Yonge St and Manor Rd E 

Goldifox not only guarantees a killer tan but they also guarantee a smell free tan. If you are a fake tanner veteran, you know that most self tanners at make you smell like a chicken breast (im not kidding). So the insurance is great, plus they guarantee that the product they use is extremely moisturizing, meaning your tan is going to last longer than usual! 

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Her Majesty's Pleasure // 556 King Street West 

Not only does this spot have award winning spa and salon facilities but the space also hosts a cocktail bar and offers champagne! This place is perfect for if you and your friends want to get a spray tan before an event, so plan an appointment and get ready for a great experience! 

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Aroma // Multiple Locations

Aroma is a great spot if you are new to the tanning scene. Not only are the spray tans organic and vegan, but if it's your first time at the location a full body spray tan only runs you $35! It's the perfect opportunity to test out the fake tanning life and see if you are into it without breaking the bank! 

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Tan On The Run // Your House!

Want to get a fake tan but aren't down to leave the house? Tan On The Run comes to you with everything they need to give you a killer spray tan, so you can get a bronzed look in the comfort of your own home! 

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Schulz Beauty // 39 Stewart Street

This new spot in the city boasts the first sunless studio in Toronto. Meaning the space is UV-Free, so you get the natural looking glow you desire without any exposure to harmful UV rays! 

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Agi's Tanning and Spray Tan Salon // 454 Bloor St W

Agi's is a great spot if you want to get bronzed on a budget. The spot offers level 1, 2 and 3 tanning options that range from $35-$39. You can even buy a month tanning pass for $90 which allows you to get a spray tan at the spot every 5 days! 

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Solace Tanning Studio // 464 Queens Quay W 

If you are looking for a luxury experience while getting your tan on, Solace is the spot. The upscale tanning studio offers UV-free tanning in a booth as well as a wide range of tanning lotions to maintain your final result ranging from affordable to more luxurious options!

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