In life, there are a few foods that are considered essential in your diet, one of which is the coveted grilled cheese sandwich. That simple combination of toasted bread and cheese that oozes out from the sides, it's an extraordinary sight. 

So if you're a grilled cheese fiend and you want to know which spots in Toronto are best to grab this holy grail of sandwiches, then the city has got plenty of options, many of them with a unique twist compared to the grilled cheese you used to pack in your elementary school lunchbox.

1. Hair of The Dog Pub

Where: 425 Church St. // Church and Wellesley 

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What's on the menu: This pub doesn't specialize in just grilled cheese, as their menu has a good variety options, but one of their standout dishes, the butter chicken grilled cheese, is sure to knock your socks off!


2. Cut The Cheese

Where: 2901 Dundas St. W // The Junction

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What's on the menu: This place is all things cheese, meaning they have a surplus of grilled cheese items on their menu. Enjoy various special grilled cheese sandwiches available for a limited time such as their delicious pizza grilled cheese sandwich.


3. Melt Grilled Cheese 

Where: 300 Richmond St. W // Downtown Core

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What's on the menu: This spot is all about grilled cheese sandwiches! This means that you can choose from a variety of different grilled cheese sandwiches such as their Mac Attack, Tattooed Chicken or Guac N Roll!


4. Maha's 

Where: 226 Greenwood Ave. // Greenwood Park

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What's on the menu: This Egyptian brunch spot has it's own unique take on the classic grilled cheese. They serve up a very special date grilled cheese, which incorporates the sweet date fruit with gouda, swiss and havarti cheeses and then it is drizzled in honey. 


5. Uncle Betty's

Where: 2590 Yonge St. // North Toronto

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What's on the menu: Uncle Betty's boasts the Ultimate Grilled Cheese which consists of cheese, mac and cheese, and your choice of either pulled pork or beef meatloaf drizzled with garlic aioli! 


6. Completo

Where: 5 Coady Ave. // Leslieville

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What's on the menu: Completo has two grilled cheese options: the basic grilled cheese which is the classic sandwich with added hot sauce and roasted red pepper sauce, and the loaded grilled cheese which is like a cross between a grilled cheese sandwich and a taco! Expect diced tomatoes, refried beans and guac in that one!


7. Leslieville Cheese Market

Where: 891 Queen St. E // Leslieville

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What's on the menu: You can literally get a grilled cheese sandwich with any cheese of your choice here. Sandwiches are cooked to order and you can choose from a great variety of delicious cheeses. Mmmmm!


8. Millwood Melt Grilled Cheesery

Where: 902 Millwood Rd. // East York

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What's on the menu: Where else to get amazing grilled cheese sandwiches than at an actual grilled cheesery? The selection here includes options like the Tuna Kahuna, the Hamelot and the Rise and Shine. Or you can build your own grilled cheese with their selection of ingredients!


9. Aunties and Uncles

Where: 74 Lippincott St. // Kensington Market

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What's on the menu: Here you can get the grilled Canadian cheddar, which is served on a braided challah bun. You also have the option to upsize this brunch grilled cheese and add a fried egg or bacon. 


10. Stockyards Smokehouse and Larder

Where: 699 St Clair Ave. W // Hillcrest Village

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What's on the menu: It's definitely a smoky twist on grilled cheese! Enjoy this holy grail of a sandwich with smoked cheese, caramelized onions and green apples, all on thyme infused sourdough bread. 


11. Lola's Kitchen

Where: 634 Church St. // Church and Wellesley

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What's on the menu: You can get an amazing grilled cheese that's perfect for lunch here! The portobello and brie sandwich is a hearty take on the average grilled cheese by adding juicy portobello mushrooms and rich brie cheese along with caramelized onions, arugula leaves and a maple dijon aioli all served on multigrain bread.


12. The White Brick Kitchen

Where: 641 Bloor St. W // Koreatown

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What's on the menu: Their delicious grilled cheese consists of four cheeses melted together with a tomato jam. You can pair this with any breakfast, brunch or lunch side to make for a delicious meal!


13. SCHOOL Restaurant

Where: 70 Fraser Ave. // Liberty Village

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What's on the menu: SCHOOL is in session. And of course with a healthy twist! Their spinach and artichoke grilled cheese combines those two ingredients with melted mozzarella and parmesan cheeses for a burst of ooey gooey goodness in every bite!


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