With the weather starting to cool down, everyone is on a mission to remain as warm as possible. Cooler days mean scarfs, big sweaters, cute boots and of course, hot drinks. Nothing like the perfect hot drink to warm you right up on a chilly day. Each sip is like a warm hug...very much needed warm hug.

The drawback is that literally everywhere you turn it's all about the PSL, and like many, I am sure you are SO over it. People forget that their is so much more to fall drinks than the PSL. Here is a reminder to all those out there who are in search of a warm drink that has NOTHING to do with pumpkin spice!

What Are You Looking For?

Hot chocolate



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Hot Chocolate

Sweet Jesus

via @courtneywong

Where: Multiple locations

Why should you go: Sweet Jesus has become a go-to for insane desserts, so of course their hot chocolate would be just as over the top as their ice cream. With cookies and other desserts to cover the rim, and mountainous amounts of marshmallows, you are sure to get the warmest sugar rush.


Peace Treats

via @christinakiara

Where: 131 Ossington Ave // Trinity Bellwoods

Why should you go: Another over the top ice cream location, brings you the most insane hot chocolate. Topped with tonnes of sprinkles, marshmallows, drizzled sauces, and ice cream, this is a hot cocoa that you can eat, and drink! 


Grey Tiger

via @blogto

Where: 1190 Bloor St W. // Bloordale Village

Why should you go: So. Much. Chocolate! Grey Tiger doesn't just do the classic cocktails- they also spike up your hot chocolate, and top it with fresh whip cream and giant marshmallows. Talk about chocolate wasted!


Teddy Story

via @kailiiii71

Where: 82 Adelaide St E. // St. Lawrence 

Why should you go: This adorable dessert place will have you feeling like you're 5 again and all is simple and right in the world. With a twist on the classic, Teddy Story combines the simple pleasures of hot chocolate, and a little creativity to bring you a colourful chocolate delight. 


MoRoCo Chocolat

via @monicagomezcc

Where: 215 Madison Ave // The Annex

Why should you go: Rimmed with cookie crumbles, piled high with whipped cream and an insane amount of chocolate drizzle, MoRoCo will send you the great hot chocolate sugar coma you have ever been in.


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Emma's Country Kitchen

via @emmacountrykitc

Where: 810 St Clair Ave W. // St. Clair West Village

Why should you go: Apple ciders are a "major key" as good ol DJ Khaleed would say. Toronto isn't short of them, but for a real "my grandma made this" feeling, Emma's Country Kitchen has your back. With an all-day breakfast menu to pair it with, this location is a cozy place to visit.


Red Rocket Cafe

via @alisonsykora

Where: 1364 Danforth Ave // Danforth Village 

Why should you go: This cafe is known for its fun espresso flavours, but the hot ciders here are just as amazing. Curl up with a book and watch the fall day go by with their cider.


A-Game Cafe

via @maddieshiell

Where: 240 Queen St W. // Entertainment District 

Why should you go: Who says board games and ciders don't mix? Next time you're at this A Game Cafe location, trade in the classic latter for a hot apple cider; it'll bring you right back to your childhood days and give you some major warm feels.


5. The Kensington Lodge

via @kensingtonlodge

Where: 21 Kensington Ave // Chinatown

Why should you go: This is the hot apple cider for adults! The classic apple cider is taken for a unique spin at this Chinatown gem. To give it that kick, they add bourbon to the cider!


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Himalayan Coffee House

via @_yungsamosa

Where: 2552 Yonge St // North Toronto

Why should you go: Forget the pumpkin spice, but stick to the latte. This adorable cafe has unique art on each cup they serve. Perfect for a fall coffee date with the girls!


Sanremo Bakery

via @em_dunleavy

Where: 374 Royal York Rd // Etobicoke

Why should you go: Known mainly for its amazing baked goods, this location offers lattes that pair well with any baked item you do pick out (and you MUST have one of their donuts)! On the plus side, they also add fun art to each cup served. 


Riddle Room

via @foodforjorie

Where: 579 Yonge St // Discovery District

Why should you go: Lattes and board games are a fun trend that make any normal coffee date fun. Escape the cold with a hot latte, that come in many different flavours that aren't pumpkin spice!


Versus Coffee

via @2torontofoodies

Where: 70 Adelaide St E. // St Lawrence

Why should you go: You can never go wrong with colourful latte art. This location has a variety of different lattes, and each cup is served in the most colourful way! (which is apparently a secret?). If you are SO over PSL, this is a great latte to swap it with!


Mos Mos

via @lesgourmands_to

Where: 25 King St W. // Financial District

Why should you go: For a quick warm up in the bustling financial district, Mos Mos is a must go-to. The lattes are brewed to ultimate perfection and to top it off, they are really fun to look at.


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