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When it comes to caffeine, this city does not mess around. We take our americanos, cortados and blended ice coffees very very seriously. What is really cool about the coffee scene in TO is the amount of independently owned coffee shops we have at our disposable making for some of the coolest spots to enjoy an espresso.

Coffee is so important to fuel us on regular days so imagine on days that we wake up with a hangover, #TheStruggleIsReal. The thing about hangovers is that they usually go hand-in-hand with sleeping in, at least if you're lucky, which usually means your regularly scheduled coffee run is interrupted, so you need to act fast as to not further the delay. This can be a difficult feat for the sole reason that there are sooo many options.

While there may not be a shortage of coffee in the city, you had a rough night of debauchery and you deserve better than a simple double-double from Timmy's, so much better, my friend. Take advantage of your post-night out day and visit one of these coffee shops for your caffeine hit and you may just discover a new favourite java joint

Tango Palace Coffee Co

1156 Queen St. E

If you're not only in search of some great espresso and/or cappuccino but also want to carbo-load on some sweets this is the spot. Tango Palace is very loved by downtown natives but never fear it doesn't get too loud and the staff are always very laid-back and friendly while still maintaining great service. The vibes at this place are just chill, that seems like a silly adjective to use but seriously it's super laid-back, perfect for decompressing after a wild night.

Dark Horse Espresso

125 John St, 684 Queen St W, 682 Queen St E & 215 Spadina Ave.

Now with 4 locations in the Toronto core, including their newest location at 125 John Street, Dark Horse Espresso are definitely no longer the dark horse of the Toronto coffee scene.The beauty in Dark Horse, we think, is the gorgeous communal table, since you're hungover you definitely won't be doing any work so it is the perfect time to enjoy not being busy and mingle with other hungover strangers at the table. Exchange wild stories about the night before while enjoying a latte. The lattes are always decorated with a rosetta or a heart, so if that doesn't make you smile despite your condition, you should just go back to bed.

Check out their website

Dineen Coffee Co.

140 Yonge St

We've been loving Dineen since it opened last year. It is as central as it gets being located on Yonge street and it has a very classy feel which will make you feel better considering how un-classy you acted last night. Fun fact! This coffee house is located in a Toronto heritage property, the Dineen building is one of the oldest structures in Toronto. The ambiance of the place really showcases that, it feels like the perfect mix between modern and historical. Throughout the week Dineen is usually quite busy due to it's location amongst the hustle and bustle of the financial district but on weekends it calms down and is the perfect place to rebuild a level of self-esteem post-debauchery.

Check out their website

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Lit Espresso Bar

221 Roncesvalles Ave & 810 College St

Located on Roncesvalles, in an area of Toronto that we love and find totally underrated, Lit has a plethora of options when it comes to satisfying your caffeine cravings. Don't be intimidated though, we know you're not about using your brain too hard right now so the good news is that their staff is knowledgeable and super helpful, they will point you in the right direction. It does get busy because of how great it is but the line moves quickly and you can usually still grab a seat to unwind.

Check out their website, where you can also do some shopping :)

Sam James Coffee Bar

297 Harbord St, 688a Bloor St W & 3 Ossington Ave

The greatest thing about Sam James Coffee Bar is the consistency, SJCB staff always spend time on your beverage making sure it is just right. There are now 4 locations but the 4th one, located along the PATH at 150 King St W is closed on the weekends. There isn't a ton of seating so maybe not the right place if you're relying on a place to hang out for a couple of hours but totally worth scoping out if you care about the quality of your kick.

Check out their website

Sense Appeal

96 Spadina Ave

Not the biggest wolf of campus but quality reigns supreme at Sense Appeal. They make a damn good cup of coffee and the staff are super friendly. If you want something to pick you up other than coffee you can also order from a menu of cold pressed juices that are sure to give you an extra jolt of energy. Not an abundance of seating so don't head there with the expectation of a guaranteed seat to hang out for awhile, head there when you need a great cup of coffee to bring back home and nurse your hangover.

Check out their website

Lazy Daisy's Cafe

1515 Gerrard St E

Lazy Daisy's Cafe is an all fresh and all local coffee shop on Gerrard St East. The seasons dictate their menu and guarantee that everything you enjoy at their cafe is fresh. If you wake up feeling like total crap and really wish you could just be at home in your mom's kitchen with some home baked good or sandwiches, this is the place to hit up. The vibe is cozy and makes you feel right back at home, there's also a couple board games hanging around if you want to bring a friend.

Check out their website

Early Bird Espresso & Brew Bar

613 Queen St W

The smell of this place alone will give you the caffeine jolt you need back to reality. They have enough options to confuse even the most avid of caffeine connoisseurs but the staff are helpful without being overbearing. They also have some great options for gluten free or vegan eaters, because they get hungover too, duh. Hurry, you still have a bit of time to enjoy their patio before it gets too cold.

Check them out on Facebook

Bulldog Coffee

89 Granby St

Their signature drink 'The Bull Dog' could cure even the worse of hangovers for any caffeine lover. It's a blend of cappuccino and latte that keeps locals coming back for more. If you have more of a sweet tooth you can also get the 'Blanco Bull Dog,' a white hot chocolate with dark chocolate designs which Now Magazine readers voted the number 1 hot chocolate in the city of Toronto. There's no wi-fi so ditch your electronics and meet new people, it's good for your mental health and your hangover.

Check out their website

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Black Canary Espresso Bar

61 Sherbourne St & 329 Yonge St.

If your hangover has you feeling super unproductive head to the Black Canary located on Yonge St, in the Silver Snail comic book store, grab a latte and take a look around. This has become a mecca for people to go and be creative or just enjoy comic books, its seriously cool. If you've never been to either location before try the Nutella Latte, because hello! it's a Nutella latte. The coffee is great, the staff is great, the atmosphere is great, you really can't regret forcing yourself out of bed if you're headed towards Black Canary.

Check them out on Facebook

Crema Coffee Co.

3079 Dundas St. W, 53 Bloor St. E & 508 Danforth Ave

Crema is an independent coffee shop that holds its own, there is a reason they remain successful despite being located next to the green mermaid lady who shall not be named. Their coffee is great and their ambiance is simple and relaxing. They have a patio that is lovely during the warmer months and tons of outlets/free wi-fi if you feel a need to be productive despite your hangover.

Check out their website

Snakes & Lattes

600 Bloor St. W

If you're hungover but still want to have some fun with your day head to Snake & Lattes with a friend. It gets a bit noisy because people get into heated competition obviously so not the best spot if you have a killer headache. Their specialty coffees are always deliciously well-prepared and we're still obsessed with Cards Against Humanity so it's one of our favourite ways to spend a hungover Sunday. There is no Wi-fi which is kind of a beautiful thing since you can leave your electronics at home and avoid responsibilities. If you're looking to skip the caffeine and head right into drinking again try snakes & lagers at 488 College St.

Check out their website

Rooster Coffee House

343 King St. E & 479 Broadview Ave

Rooster is always a great spot to hang out. The vibe is pretty old school and super comfortable so it's a great place to nurse a hangover. The Riverdale location has an awesome view of the Park that can brighten up your day and they have all the coffee options that you may be looking for. They do the whole Instagram worthy designs in your lattes which is always a plus and offer up different daily blends.

Check out their website

De Mello Palheta

2489 Yonge St 

Lucky for you and your hangover you don't have to know how to spell or pronounce the name of this place but you do need to check it out! Great, quality coffee and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. The decor is unique and quirky which makes it a fun spot to spend a hungover afternoon. If you want something to eat or maybe you just need some more bread to absorb last nights liquor, order one of their croissants, you're welcome.

Check out their website

Sud Forno

 716 Queen St. W

Sud Forno is actually a bakery but it had to make this list! It was opened last year by the Italian restaurant Terroni and it's a great option for a coffee run and a sweet tooth craving that needs satisfying. Authentic Italian eats are one thing, authentic Italian desserts with a fresh cup of java? heaven!

Check out their website

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