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Fish n chips is by no means an every day meal, unless adult-onset diabetes is one of your life goals. But when you're in the mood for it, there's really nothing else that can satisfy that craving. Toronto is lucky to have a great selection of fish n chips places to choose from, so whatever your mood, there's something for you.

The Caledonian

Where it's at: 856 College St.

Why it's the shit: This Scottish bar has a great selection of delicious food and drinks, but their fish n chips stand out as being some of the best in the city.

The One that Got Away

Where it's at: 581 King St. W/ 2392 Bloor St. W

Why it's the shit: This place is great for adventurous types who want fish they've never eaten before with their chips. They also have grilled fish for the health conscious among you, who'd prefer not to eat something fried.


Where it's at: 3060 Bloor St. W

Why it's the shit: Here is where you'll find your perfect classic fish n chips. They also make meat pies if the friends you dragged along with you aren't into seafood.

Olde Yorke

Where it's at: 96 Laird Dr.

Why it's the shit: The quintessential fish n chips experience. If you don't feel like experimenting, and just want some well made fish on top of delicious hand cut fries, with maybe a beer on the side, you really can't go wrong with Olde York.


Where it's at: 213 Augusta Ave

Why it's the shit: If you're looking for a fantastic ambiance and the most mouthwatering tartar sauce you've ever tasted, look no further.

Sea Witch

Where it's at: 636 St. Clair Ave. W

Why it's the shit: Aside from having an awesome name, Sea Witch Fish N Chips delivers quality food that does not overdo it on the grease, which is key.

Off the Hook

Where it's at: 749 Broadview Ave

Why it's the shit: Off the Hook lets you make your own dream meal. Choose your fish, how it's cooked, and what side you'd like (it doesn't have to be fries!). Make the most out of your eating experience.


Where it's at: 2222 Queen St. E

Why it's the shit: With reasonable prices and a great selection of fish to choose from, there's no way you won't leave satisfied.

High St.

Where it's at: 55 Underhill Dr.

Why it's the shit: High St. is great for all things British, so if you want some mushy peas or toffee pudding with your perfect fish n chips, this is really the place to get it.


Where it's at: 2638 Danforth Ave.

Why it's the shit: Your delicious meal comes with a drink, and it's all at reasonable prices. Can't get any better than that!


Where it's at: 893 Queen St. W

Why it's the shit: Fantastic takeout fish n chips that keeps it simple.


Where it's at: 954 Queen St. E

Why it's the shit: It's in the name, people. This a great place to get some lightly battered fish and quality fries.

New Toronto

Where it's at: 146 Fifth St.

Why it's the shit: There's only four items on the menu, but they've been completely perfected. Next time you're in Etobicoke, head over for some moist light deliciousness.

British Style

Where it's at: 73 Coxwell Ave

Why it's the shit: A great place to go for a great meal at a manageable price.

Fish St. Market and Open Kitchen

Where it's at: 2584

Why it's the shit: Nothing like choosing which freshly-caught fish will be your meal. That and a fantastic selection is just some of what Fish St. has to offer.

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