Before the summer months are up, now is still the perfect time to get some new ink so you can still show it off along with your sun kissed skin.

Whether it holds a special meaning close to your heart or simply because it looks totally rad on your body, getting a tattoo is exciting and totally screams 'bad ass'. But having ink permanently etched onto your body is also a pretty big decision and you sure as hell want it look better than your roommate's undecipherable attempt at a stick and poke. Luckily, we got you covered.

So whether you are a tattoo virgin or you're thinking about about adding another tatt onto your collection, here are 15 places in Toronto you have to get your next tattoo at.

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1. Pearl Harbour Gift Shop// 24 Kensington Ave.

Although this high profile parlour might be on the pricey side, it's all worth it once the masterpiece is revealed. Pearl Harbour is known for its stunning designs and once you're done, you can walk around the Kensington Market and look for really cute outfits to go along with your new ink.

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2. Archive Tattoo// 1528 Dundas St. W

Located on the busy street of Dundas, Archive Tattoos receives nothing but praise and love by majority of its clients. Really dope and amazing works of art have been inked onto someone's body here, and if you've had previous ink work done horribly wrong rest easy because even the worst jobs have even been corrected by these beloved professionals.

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3. The Okey Doke Tattoo Shop// 1229 Dundas St. W

Although the name of this popular tattoo spot sounds like anything but a tattoo parlour, do not let the really cute name fool you. People come from all over the GTA to this tattoo parlour whether it be for a cute & dainty or bad ass solely because the staff is super friendly, and create totally rad designs way more deserving than just 'okey doke'.

Nervous about your tattoo? Watch Toronto Youtuber Lauren Riihimaki's experience and words of advice in this video here.

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4. Adrenaline Tattoos// 239 Queen St. W

You've probably passed by this place a million times if you spend a lot of time down Queen St. W. whether it be to do some shopping, grabbing some food or pressing your face up against the window to see people getting some ink. Also located on the busier streets of Toronto, people from all over the GTA come to do their first tattoos here and most of the time they do come back because of the great first impression it left the first time.

They don't call it Adrenaline for nothing...

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5. Speakeasy Tattoo// 299 Harbord St.

Five for you Speakeasy, five for you! And yes, once again I say this because if you ask anybody who has ever been to this low key tattoo parlour, you're most likely to get a rave review. Just like the name, Speakeasy Tattoo is just as unheard about in the name of Toronto tattoo places, but don't be fooled because people are obsessed with this place due to the staff's friendliness, the parlour's cleanliness, and the dope artwork its clients walk away with.

If you're nervous about your first tattoo experience, the modern and stylish decor inside will be sure to distract you enough to get'er done!

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6. Black Line Studio// 573 King St. W

This spacious parlour is definitely a place you want to check out, especially if it's your first time. The artists and staff are incredibly friendly, and make sure that what you ask for is what you get. The space is bright, big and clean which is also a plus and the quality of its art exceeds the expectations of most. I mean, that's all anyone really asks for when going for a tat, right?

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7. Abstract Arts, Tattoos & Piercings// 627 Queen St. W

As soon as you walk into this tattoo parlour, you will instantly feel at ease as you sink into one of the many sofa cushions in the waiting room. Many people continue to come back to this tattoo and piercing shop for its good vibes, amazing artwork and the friendly af staff and artists. The artists are known to be extremely talented, humbled and really cool people you would even dare to laugh with during your ink session.

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8. Lucky 13 Tattoo Shop// 880 Bloor St. W

Notable for both its piercings and tats, many people make their way to this shop to add another piece of artwork onto their body whether it be an earring or mark. If you're lucky, hop on in on a Friday 13th for $10 small tattoos (from a selected list) and $10 piercings (above the belt)!

Talk about changing the game for the unlucky 13's rep!

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9. Chronic Ink// 252 Eglinton Ave. E

A popular shop from a list of Toronto tats, many people know of this shop for its professionalism and stunning works of art that people just can't stop looking over. The artists pay close attention to details making it 10x better than you would have imagined and the atmosphere is spacious and clean which is a nice addition to the really dope artists and staff that make your experience the best that it can be.

10. Passage Tattoo// 473 Church St.

Tucked away in the streets of Church & Wellesley, this small but mighty tattoo shop has nothing but raving reviews when it comes to people's experiences and final impressions of its artwork. The artists take the time to consult with your ideas and glo it up ten times better than what you originally wanted, and make the whole experience enjoyable for you with their friendly vibes and friendliness. The shop itself is super clean and the artists are crazy talented & friendly.

Once you leave, you'll be clawing your way back in for another one.

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11. Seven Crowns Tattoo// 2499  Yonge St.

This parlour deserves all its crowns as it has nothing but good words and thousands of people recommending that this be the place to get your next tattoo. Whether you're a noob at tats or are going in for your 100th one, the artists here take care of you making sure the process is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. The artists are extremely professional and the quality of art that you will leave with is nothing short of high. With nothing but good words, it's no wonder this tattoo shop is basically royalty in the world of TO Tattoos.

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12. Golden Iron Tattoo Studio// 363 Spadina Ave.

Popular through the social media app Instagram, people are captivated by the beautiful artworks posted on the site and just have to check out this place in person to see for themselves. The artists are, once again, amazing people whose bright personalities and incredible professionalism make it a more-than-okay experience. Whether it's an appointment that you want or a spur of the moment walk in, prepare to walk out of here without any ragrets.

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13. Reactive Ink Tattoos// 283 Augusta Ave.

Popular for its piercings, the tattoos they offer are just as great. The staff are professional and the process is quick and over with before you know it!

14. Pravda Tattoo Parlour// 1275 Bloor St. W

If you're looking for a parlour that is adaptable to your schedule, this place is sure to fulfill it. Night owls from all over flock to this parlour during the late nights in hopes of squeezing in a good tattoo sesh before calling it in for a night. They get the job done incredibly well and leave you with a stunning piece of work to show off to your friends.

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15. FY Ink Tattoos// 522 Queen St. W

Trust me when I say that very few people leave this store feeling anything less than satisfied. Everybody is just simply attracted to the amazing artwork that is there to last a lifetime. The artists take you in, and consult you for as long as it takes until they've designed the one-- the tattoo that you'll never want a divorce from anytime soon. Aside from that, the quality of your tat is sure to be just what you want if not better, and it'll be something that will bump up your Insta-game ten fold!

Getting a tattoo is a big decision and it's something you definitely want to think through. Any of you planning on getting one any time soon?


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