Brunch is the perfect excuse to get tipsy before 11, keep your sunglasses on for an entire meal, or show up still a little drunk from the night prior.  And no, I am not judging you (because I have been there too).

Brunch is your time to drown in hollandaise sauce, revive your buzz from the night before, and be filled in on all the weird things you did on King St. on Friday night.

If you're looking for a new spot for you and your BFF to try out this weekend, check out one of the 16 spots below!

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1. Wish // 3 Charles Street E.

Wish is basically Pinterest in the form of a restaurant.  The decor is beautiful, making it perfect for any Instagram opportunity, and their caesars are the perfect hangover cure.

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2. Starving Artist // 584 Lansdowne Ave.

Starving Artist has a few locations in Toronto, which means multiple excuse to get waffles.  They even have a sweet potato waffle that is seriously life changing.

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3. Colette Grand Café // 550 Wellington St W.

Grand Colette will make you feel classy after a less than classy night out.  "Cure" your hangover with their tasty cocktails, or just add to the buzz you still have from the night before!

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4. White Brick Kitchen // 641 Bloor St W.

White Brick Kitchen is the perfect brunch spot for those with a huge appetite.  Don't worry, calories don't count when you're hungover!

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5. Local // 171 E Liberty St.

Local has some awesome avocado toast, and very tasty sangria, need I say more?

P.S. they also have a very cute patio with some lawn games in case you're feeling extra ambitious and competitive.

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6. Recess // 60 Sudbury St.

Recess is fairly new to the city, but is quickly becoming a hot spot for brunch goers.  Be sure to enjoy some of their tasty cocktails and awesome pancakes while you're there.

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7. Harlem Underground // 745 Queen St W.

Harlem has some of the best chicken and waffles in the city.  And as a pro tip, they also offer a caesar that is topped with a tower of chicken and waffles, which basically doubles as a drink and a full meal. You're welcome.

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8. Lisa Marie // 638 Queen St W.

Lisa Marie is new to Queen West, and it's quickly becoming one of our favourites brunch spots.  Service is fast, the food is always delicious, and the wait for a table usually goes by very quickly!

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9. Harvest Kitchen // 124 Harbord St.

Harvest Kitchen is perfect for if you're looking for a rooftop patio with a relaxed vibe.  Be sure to bring a group of friends here on a Sunday Morning for the perfect end to your weekend!

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10. Hello Darling // 827 Lansdowne Ave. 

Hello Darling is an extremely underrated brunch spot.  If you're looking for a healthier option with minimal grease, definitely check this place out!

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11. Rose and Sons // 176 Dupont St.

Rose and Sons is the perfect place to drown your hangover in syrup.  Their pancakes are basically the solution to all of life's problems, and I strongly recommend you try them.

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12. Portland Variety // 587 King St W.

Portland Variety is an awesome spot on King West that offers really fresh brunch options.  The staff are very accommodating and provide great service!

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13. Le Neuf Cafe // 9 Clarence Square

Le Neuf Cafe has incredible mijitos.  If you're looking to get a little tipsy before noon, these will definitely do the job.

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14. Lady Marmalade // 898 Queen St E. 

Lady Marmalade will make you feel classier upon arrival.  They're breakfast poutine is incredible, and will definitely satisfy all your comfort food cravings!

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15. Mitzi's // 100 Sorauren Ave.

Mitzi's is an adorable spot with a more rustic charm.   If you're looking for casual dining and a relaxed atmosphere that will help you're hangover then you've found your spot.

P.S. their Westminister sandwich is amazing

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16. Universal Grill // 1071 Shaw St. 

Universal Grill offers a very laid back dining experience, which is ideal for your hangover attire.  Their cocktails are also super tasty, so make sure to indulge.

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