It's like what everyone says: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And yes, when you think about how your body starves for a good 8-9 hours that your body is asleep (or at least, is supposed to) it's no wonder that your body is absolutely starving as soon as you wake up. Now, as Torontonians, we all know that brunch is practically a religion that is often taken the most seriously on those seriously hungover days. But sometimes you're just so damn hungry that you can't wait until the mid to late morning to eat and you seriously just need some early morning food STAT.

Don't worry all you early risers because I've got you covered. And for those of you who always find themselves losing their entire paycheque at Sephora, I'm happy to report that I've gotcha covered as well!

So here are a few cheap breakfast destinations in Toronto that you should totally check out, especially if you're anything like me and are broke AF.

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1. Donland's Restaurant// 417 Donlands Ave.

Start your day off right with a classic and greasy serving of eggs, potatoes and toast for $6 available all day! Delishhh!

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2. Bloor Jane Restaurant//2434 Bloor Ave. W

For $7, stuff your face with a classic plate of eggs, bacon, home fries toast AND coffee! No matter how broke you are, this is a deal you CAN'T say no to!

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3. Crepe It Up// 91 Front St. W

For all you fanatics of this classic french delicacy, help yourself to a hearty breakfast crepe folded around eggs, ooey gooey melted cheese and veggies for $6.95. It's never too early for crepes!

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4. Gayley's Cafe// 1424 Dundas St. W

For those of you who aren't into fancy schmancy breakfasts, check out Gayley's Cafe on Dundas for some good ole fashioned breakfast staples, like porridge with warm milk for $4.50 or a full, hearty breakfast for $7.50. It's like what yo' mamma used to make.

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5. Average Joe's// 161 Baldwin St.

Any Torontonian knows that nothing is "average" at the Kensington Market. So how this breakfast restaurant got its name, we will never know. Nonetheless, get your morning started with some hearty breakfasts for $7.50 featuring the classic eggs, home fries and a fresh baguette.

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6. Portland Variety//587 King St. W

It's pretty common knowledge that the second most hated thing (right after Donald Trump's presidency) are those Monday mornings. But to make things a little better for you to wake up to during those weekday mornings, Portland Variety's breakfast menu is here to save the day. Get some steel cut oats for $6 or go all out with your classic bacon, eggs and cheddar croissants for $6.50. It's lit.

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7. Rosie's Kitchen// 1549 Bayview Ave.

Oh Rosie, whoever you are, all the early risers from the Leaside neighbourhood thank you. Seriously, where else can you get, not one but TWO eggs, toast and a choice of your preferred breakfast meat for $5.50?! Thanks Rosie, you came thru!

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8. New York Cafe// 757 Broadview Ave.

"It's just like New York... except it's not"-- says every annoying non Torontonian constantly comparing the two metropolitan cities. I'm sure I'm not the first to ever say but we. are. not. the. same. But for those of you who want to eat like a classic New Yorker in the comfortable proximity of a Toronto streetcar, there's a breakfast shack in the Danforth that serves up a classic breakfast plate for $5.75. It's just like New York... except it's not--- it's fvcking better.

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9. Kiva's Bagel Bar// 15 St. Clair Ave. W

If you're ever in the Yonge and St. Clair area, stop by this bagel heaven for a classic cream cheese bagel if you're seriously on the go and require some delicious fuel for $5.95. But for those of you who want a complete breakfast meal, you can go for three eggs cooked however way you want it and a freshly made bagel for the same price.

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10. Carousel Bakery// 93 Front St. E

The St. Lawrence Market is always popping with things to see, things to do and of course things to eat. But for those of you who are just a little early for the market to open, pass the time at this breakfast place to start off your day. Try Carousel Bakery's iconic pemeal bacon sandwich for $6.45. I'm telling you right now, pemeal isn't your typical crunchy bacon but a hearty slab of deliciousness disguised in the form of ham.

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11. Pancer's Original Deli// 3856 Bathurst St.

If you're ever in the North York area before 1PM, stop by this cheap breakfast spot and recharge with their complete breakfast plate including two eggs, fries, toast and coffee for $6.50.

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12. Skyline Restaurant// 1426 Queen St. W

For those of you who would like to dine back in time for breakfast, dine at this Parkdale retro restaurant and start your day off with a three egg breakfast at $6.25. It never felt so good to dine in the '60s!

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13. Hastings Snack Bar// 5 Hastings Ave.

Stacks on stacks on stacks! Stuff your face with a pemeal bacon and fried egg-wich, stacked high between bread for $4 or a classic omelette for a dollar more. You'll thank me later, trusttt.

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14. Avenue Open Kitchen// 7 Camden St.

Here is yet another classic breakfast spot to enjoy a complete three egg, toast, home fries and coffee breakfast for $6.50 in the Queen St. West area.


15. Chef George// 1519 Birchmount Rd.

If you're down for a change from your typical North American egg and bacon breakfasts, wake up to the exotic flavours of this Filipino breakfast spot serving up the classic Filipino breakfast faves like fried rice, topsilog, and longanisa. It's like what nanay makes.

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16. Good Bite// 2463 Yonge St.

For those of you in the Yonge and Egg area, stop by for a hearty breakfast plate of two eggs, fries and toast + coffee/tea for $6.50.

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17. Egglicious Cafe & Grill// 430 Kipling Ave.

For those of you in the Etobicoke area, I'm sure you can all agree that sometimes the mission to Toronto for brunch is not worth it. In this case, stay home and wake up to this delicious and cheap breakfast spot for $6.25. Save yo time and yo ca$h.


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Ikea// multiple locations

Who could forget the sweet inexpensive breakfasts from Ikea! I mean HELLOOO, $1.99 breakfasts?! Fvck yeah, sign me up!

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