Raise your hand if you've ever been personally victimized by midterm season. It's that dreaded time during the school year where stress levels are high and sleep levels are low. We get it, you've gotta get that GPA on fleek, but at the same time you should definitely take some time to take care of yourself--and your stomach, during this stressful time.

So before you go into isolation at your local library all day, give yourself a break and try a change of environment at any of these restaurants and cafes.

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Neo Coffee Bar// 161 Frederick St #100

This Insta-perfect cafe on Frederick St. is the perfect place to study in a minimalistic environment presenting good vibes and cute latte art. You're going to need some coffee to keep up with the books, so why not sip on some cute latte art to somewhat ease your aching soul?

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Sansotei Ramen// 179 Dundas W

Slurp up some delicious ramen and let the warm soupy broth cleanse your worries and pre-midterm anxiety. Treat yo' self to some soup for the soul and destress away.

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Caplanksy's// 356 College St

Sink your teeth in some homey food from Caplanksy's, it'll be like you never left your house even though you did. Munch on their famous smoked meat sandwiches and a fresh pickle while you study, it'll make that 45 page reading not seem so bad.

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Quantum Coffee// 460 King St. W

If you're in desperate need for some crisp coffee to keep you awake through all your boring readings, head over to King St. for your required fix! Not only is the ambience calm and quiet, but the artsy and minimalistic aesthetic will motivate you to get flippin' and start studyin'!

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Odin Cafe// 514 King St. E

Head over to Odin Cafe with your bff for a much needed study date with some good vibes. Sip on some much needed Joe and get to work.

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Mama Martino's// 624 The Queensway

Give your mind a break and treat your stomach to some homey Italian food from Mama Martino's! Destress your body and mind with every bite of some extra cheesy slices of pizza and extra saucy pasta. Trust me, you will thank me for this tip!

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Ravi Soups// Multiple Locations

Soothe your cluttered mind with some hearty soups and wraps that tastes as good as it is healthy for you. Just because you're going through hell, doesn't mean your body should too!

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Scoop Shop// 808 Dundas St. W

For you bookworms with a sweet tooth, head over to the Scoop Shop for some student friendly desserts. Despite all the readings and assignments you've procrastinated on, even you deserve a treat for getting through hell week.

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Gyugyuya// 177 Dundas St. W

Rest your mind with some hearty Japanese curry on Bay and Dundas. Empty your mind and fill up your stomach with some savoury chicken cutlets, Japanese curry on a fluffy bed of rice. YAAAAS.

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Balzacs Coffee Roasters// Multiple locations

Hit up this Canadian coffee shop for some quality coffee and time with your books. Soak in the rustic environment of this cafe as you take your readings like a champ one page (and tear) at a time.

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Arctic Bites// 21 Baldwin St.

Treat yo'self to this Thai ice cream place a few minutes away from University Ave and whether you just finished that last midterm or you just finished a 3 chapter reading -- you deserve it!

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Rasta Pasta// 61 Kensington Ave

Take a break from the books and sink your teeth into some homey jerk chicken at this Jamaican-Italian restaurant on Kensington. If you can take the heat of these last minute deadlines, you can take the heat of this cult favourite Caribbean dish.

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Square Boy// 875 Danforth Ave.

Nothing soothes the soul as much as some hearty Greek food, especially if it's along the Greektown of Danforth! Enjoy a hearty Greek souvlaki dinner for cheaps and to satisfy your student bank account and your stomach!

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Pokito// 420 Queen St. W

Try something new during this repetitive time of reading, writing and crying. Try the new Pokito restaurant and refresh your mind and palette with this trending sushi-burrito/poke bowl destination.

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Empanada Company// 122 Fortieth St.

If you like all things Spanish food and desserts, head over to Empanada Company for some good ole comfort food from the South. Let the crunch of those churros erase the demons in your mind discouraging you from taking that exam. You can do this!

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168 Tea Shop// Multiple locations

Whether you enjoy something sweet or savoury, spend some time at the 168 Tea Shop for both. Spend the day at the Asian themed cafe as you sip on some darn good boba!

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Bobby Sue's Mac and Cheese// 162 Ossington Ave

Nothing says comfort food like mac and cheese. Ease your midterm nightmares with some ooey gooey mac & cheese and forget about all the stress that is about to come right after you demolish the entire plate!

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