With everything that's going on around us, every day can feel like a marathon sometimes. Between work, school, and life in general racing by, it's never a bad time to take a step back and find a place that allows us to escape.

Yoga is an exceptional practice to take up, helping you to balance yourself and take a break from the craziness. Whatever level you are, or how busy your schedule is, there's a right fit of studio for everyone and we're here to help you find it.

Photo cred- Downward Dog

1. Downward Dog // 735 Queen St. W

One of the coolest and longest-standing studios in the city, the hip vibe and quality classes will have you going back again and again. New to the practice or a returning veteran, you can't go wrong.

Photo cred- @chantalnicolepoirier

2. Octopus Garden // 967 College St.

If you're looking for pure relaxation, you will find it here. Whether participating in a class, experiencing a massage, or relaxing just prior, sit down and relax and get ready to center.

Photo cred- @yogatreestudios

3. Yoga Tree // Multiple Locations

Variety, variety, variety! Yoga Tree has multiple locations, a large selection of class choices, as well as gorgeous studios and amenities for its clients.

Photo cred- @larissarosec

4. Kula Yoga // 304 Brunswick Ave.

In a super zen setting, Kula offers many options as well as levels for clients. Feeling the hot room? They've got it!

Photo cred- @mokshayogadowntown

5. Moksha Yoga // Multiple Locations

Speaking of the hot room, Moksha's heating things up in the city with their flow. Get ready to sweat, detoxify, and relax while you settle into your practice here.

Photo cred- @sarahmoves

6. Spirit Loft // 290 Carlaw Ave.

Ready to feel the burn? Not only can you participate in your regular practice, but you can also tackle other fitness classes to your liking. Movement Lab? Ropewall? Whatever you feel like to de-stress, they've got it.

Photo cred- In The Spirit

7. In The Spirit // 376 Old Kingston Rd.

Wine? Yoga? Say no more, we're there. While this isn't necessarily traditional, you'll find yourself ultra relaxed and content when you leave a class here.

Photo cred- YogaSpace

8. YogaSpace // 148 Ossington Ave.

When quality strikes a balance with quantity, you'll be a happy yogi. YogaSpace has a large variety of classes, at the highest quality of instruction, giving you the best of all worlds that meet your needs directly.

9. Esther Myers Yoga Studio // 390 Dupont St.

If you're looking to get back to the roots and traditions of hatha yoga, look no further. This studio focuses greatly on the individual student, allowing you to grow in your yoga journey.

Photo cred- @audreezymariezy

10. Ahisma Yoga // 440 Bloor St. W

With a unique approach to yoga, any student would love to dabble at Ahisma. As opposed to a regular flow, Ahisma focuses on individual practice as well, allowing personal growth and deepening of your practice overall. You'll find yourself so content and relaxed, you'll definitely be back.

Photo cred- @copenhagenyoga

11. Yoga Centre Toronto // 2428 Yonge St.

Iyengar yoga for the mind, body, and soul. They have classes for all levels, so there's no need to feel intimidated!

Photo cred- @pycleaside

12. Power Yoga Canada // Multiple Locations

Sporting a couple of locations across the GTA, there is definitely a spot for you. PYC is an inclusive studio, welcoming all levels of yoga to deepen their practices and open their minds. Overall, their focus is you, and that's exactly what you need.

Photo cred- @sharonli16

13. Toronto Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre // 77 Harbord St.

Authentic yoga practices that are hard to beat. With an intimate studio to match, you'll find yourself completely immersed in your class and feeling lighter and focused when you leave. With a mission to help you apply their practices to daily life, this studio will carry with you daily into a better version of yourself.

Photo cred- @gemma.robinson

14. Yogathletix // 911 Queen St. E

Mindfulness takes a new form in an extension past yoga. If you're looking for more than traditional classes, here you can experience indoor cycling, barre classes, and other exercise classes to match your yoga schedule. Your whole body will thank you.

Photo cred- @theyogaloungeto

15. The Yoga Lounge // 103 Church St.

Right in the heart of the city, this studio offers bright and spacious studios and pairs them with joyous and quality yoga classes. This charming studio is worth a visit, and a commitment.

Photo cred- Breathe Yoga Studio

16. Breathe Yoga Studio // 2968 Dundas St. W

Breathe has so much to offer for everyone that walks through their doors. Whatever you may be looking for, they offer classes for every level, restriction, and anything that may make you feel different. Everyone becomes one within their walls, and it's absolutely lovely.

Photo cred- @yyoga

17. YYoga // 333 Queen St. W OR 350 Queens Quay W.

With two locations in the downtown area, you can't miss the opportunity to check them out. Boasting some of the nicest yoga facilities in Toronto, a wide variety of classes, and beautiful client amenities including towels, tea, and mats, you're completely set to relax and enjoy your yoga adventure here.

Photo cred- @musemovement_studio

18. Muse Movement // 180 Shaw St.

Fall into your flow at Muse Movement. Feeling like yoga? Maybe pilates? Whatever fitness you feel like, Muse has the right workout for you to feel your greatest.

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