Sometimes it's nice to get a little surprise when you order your latté. And by that, I mean get a little artistic surprise on the surface of your drink.

Latté art has gained much popularity in Toronto over the past couple of years, and they make for the perfectly Instagrammable cup of joe. So if you're craving a good old cup of coffee while you feel the need for some artsy inspiration, then one of these cute cafés across the city can get you your latté art fix!

1. Himalayan Coffee House

Where: 2552 Yonge St. // Yonge and Eglinton

via @himalayancoffeehouse

This spot has some of the cutest lattes you'll find in the entire city! Hand decorated and crafted with care, each latte has a special and unique illustration complete with the amazing taste of great coffee!


2. Fahrenheit Coffee

Where: 120 Lombard St. // Corktown

via @fahrenheitto

This adorable little cafe has two locations in the city, with this one being the most frequented. They're popular for serving up perfect cortardos as well as lattes of course! You even have preference of the coffee beans they use!


3. Dark Horse Espresso

Where: 215 Spadina Ave. // Chinatown

via @darkhorsecafe

Dark Horse Espresso has various locations in Toronto as each location serves up a great style of classic latte art consisting of hearts, swirls and leaves. The coffee is characterized as strong and hipster-like, so grabbing coffee from a local hipster coffee house doesn't always have to be in Parkdale.


4. San Remo Bakery

Where: 374 Royal York Rd. // Etobicoke

via @sanremobakery

This is where you can get a custom printed lattes with the image of your choice on it. Some of their most popular one's include the Drake and Ryan Gosling printed lattes. This is the future of latte art!


5. Riddle Room

Where: 579 Yonge St. // Church-Wellesley Village

via @riddleroomtoronto

Not only can you get beautifully handcrafted artsy lattes here, but you can also play board games and try out an escape room after your yummy drink!


6. Baretto Café

Where: 1262 Don Mills Rd. // Don Mills

via @exploringthe6

Expect cute latte illustration on your drink of bears, flowers or more at Baretto cafe. This cafe also serve sup a large a delicious menu so that you can pair your artsy drink with a good meal. 


7. Versus Coffee

Where: 70 Adelaide St. E // Downtown Core

via @versuscoffee

This coffee shop is known for its secret menu of coloured latte art. That's right, colourful latte art! You can sip on a beautiful work of art that tastes as good as it looks!


8. Mos Mos

Where: 25 King St. W // Downtown Core

via @mosmoscoffee

Don't expect any over-the-top illustrations on your latte at this local coffee shop in the financial district. Instead the illustrations are cute little swirls in various patterns on each drink. It's a quick take on latte art so you can grab a delicious coffee and carry on with your day. 


9. Dineen Café

Where: 140 Yonge St. // Downtown Core

via @dineencoffeeco

This local Toronto coffee shop is largely popular for serving up classic and great tasting coffee every time, and no great latte can be complete without some cute designs on the frothed milk to top it off!


10. The Coffee Bar

Where: 346 Front St. W // Entertainment District

via @thecoffeebarinc

This largely popular coffee shop gained mainstream popularity, due to a local barista turn celebrity barista due to his colourful and artsy latte art versions of celebrities and anything related to theatre. The coffee is also delectable so it's more than just a pretty sight. 


11. Café Pamenar

Where: 307 Augusta Ave. // Kensington Market

via @cafepamenar

This cute little cafe tucked away in Kensington Market encompasses the rough and artistic vibe of the neighbourhood. Expect great coffee and lattes with artsy designs on top! If you're into the Kensington Market atmosphere then this is the spot for you!


12. Snakes and Lattes

Where: 600 Bloor St. W // Koreatown

via @snakesandlattes

Here's where you can grab a latte, complete with cute latte art on top as well as the added bonus of getting to play board games with your friends! There is a cover fee to play the board games so this is a good spot to stick around and enjoy your artsy latte and win some games!


13. Sam James Coffee Bar

Where: 150 King St. W // Financial District

via @samjamescoffeebar

This coffee shop is one of the few that have multiple locations across the city, and this financial district location is always on the hustle and bustle as office workers pop in to grab their much needed joe. So if you're looking for simplistic latte art and coffee on the go, this is a great spot for that!


14. Café 260

Where: 260 Richmond St. E // Corktown

via @cafe260

You can get beautiful latte art at this industrial looking quaint cafe in Corktown with another special perk. Each cup of coffee is made with fair trade organic so no one or nothing was harmed in the making of your latte at all. The beans taste amazing and the froth with the latte art adds a sweet touch when finishing your drink. 


15. Boxcar Social

Where: 235 Queens Quay W // Harbourfront

via @boxcar_social

Another coffee spot with multiple locations, making it easier for you to get your latte art fix, no matter where you are. The best part about the boxcar social is that they also serve wine and beer. It's a win-win!


16. Little Pebbles

Where: 160 Baldwin St. // Kensington Marketvia @littlepebblesto

This cute cafe serves up not only the average coffee based latte art, but they also have tea latte art, which comes in different colours depending on the tea, such as matcha and black sesame. They are served with French inspired Japanese snacks!


17. Maha's 

Where: 226 Greenwood Ave. // Leslieville

via @mahasbrunch

This popular brunch spot in Leslieville pairs the perfectly artistic latte with a good serving of brunch to kickstart your day properly. They specialize in Egyptian brunch so the food is as exquisite as the latte art!


18. Page One

Where: 106 Mutual St. // Ryerson

via @mmkdsy

This little Toronto cafe knows and understands the true meaning of what latte art is! The latte art is so pretty that you won't even want to drink your latte because it looks so pretty!


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