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Everyone in the world who is not nuts obviously loves Pizza. It's the perfect movie night meal, the best post-breakup pick me up and far and wide the best post workout cheat meal. No one understands us or loves us like pizza does.

Lucky for us, our city recognizes the value of a good slice of pizza. There is a ton of fantastic options in this city so there's no way to put them all on the list but we did our best to pull together some of the city's brightest za stars.


720 Queen St. West

57a Adelaide St. East

1095 Yonge St

Delivery: No

Terroni is a legitimate traditional Italian dining experience, even our most critical italian friends love it. They now have three different locations across the downtown core so there is never a shortage of pizza. There are about 24 different pizzas to choose from and they range in price  to about $19. If you care about authenticity, Terroni's is the spot for you.

Pizza Gigi

189 Harbord St.

Delivery: Yes (416)535-4444

Gigi's is more of a late night, grab a slice, type of place than a bring a first date type of place. It's open until 4am every single day and there are always slices ready in exchange for minimal dollars. Straight to the point pizza on those late nights you get the munchies at 2 in the morning.


11 Clinton St

Delivery: Take-out only

Bitondos could stand for a makeover but the pizza makes all of that so irrelevant. Located on Clinton St (aka middle of nowhere) off of the main strip of Little Italy. It may not be straight off the boat from Italy but it is that greasy, melted cheese concoction that eases all of our pain in the most perfectly delicious of ways.

Vesuvio Pizzeria

3010 Dundas St West

Delivery: Yes (416) 763-4191

Vesuvio's has got to be the longest standing pizza place in the city and sometimes there's nothing like an old dog in no need of new tricks, if it ain't broke don't fix it, Okay I'm done with analogies, for now. Seriously, you can get meatballs on your pizza, need I say more?

King Slice

1598 Bloor St. West

1130 Queen St

Delivery: Yes (416) 536-3738

Get the 'King Slice Special' made with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, bacon, tomatoes and EXTRA cheese. This is not the option if you're looking for fancy or authentic Italian cuisine but it's fairly prices and tastes damn good.

Photo cred - FoodiesInked

North of Brooklyn

650 Queen St West

Delivery: Yes (647)352-5700

North of Brooklyn is out of this world, or at least out of this country. While the restaurant does give off a 'we're the shit' vibe we're not mad about it because they just may be the shit. The menu is pretty on the straight and narrow, offering up thin slices or entire pizzas that are always topped with fresh ingredients.


1165 Queen St West

Delivery: No

Piola is actually an Italian chain that have branches all across the world. As far as the Toronto location is concerned, Mondays are half-price pizza nights and Tuesday you get a free glass of wine, WIN! You can order pizzas that are roman style, meaning they are extra-thin crust and the toppings are on the surface. I guess we'll see you there Monday or Tuesday?

Pizzeria Libretto

221 Ossington Ave

550 Danforth Ave

Delivery: Take-out only

Libretto is pretty popular on the Danforth and in Ossington so it can get packed but that's just a testament to how delicious it is. They dedicate their craft to making authentic Neapolitan pizzas, that have to meet a whole bunch of specifications. The prices are a bit high but the authenticity is worth it.

La Famiglia

1555 O'Connor Dr

Delivery: Yes (416)877-8787

La famiglia is the perfect destination for those who are into classic american style pizza and are looking for a place to order from any night of the week. The pizzas aren't anything over the top or overly fancy but they are damn good.

Mangia & Bevi

260 King St. East

Delivery: Take-out only

Located on King St East you can choose between pizzas with pancetta and brie, choose between red or white pies and add a ton of different classic pizza topping options or opt to try some different ones. (psssst. we love the buffalo mozzarella, just saying)

Big House Pizza

962 Danforth Ave

Delivery: Yes (416) 759-8484

Big House recently did some major renovations to make the pizza eating experience that much more enjoyable (if it were even possible). The ordering experience at this spot is almost as fun as the actual eating since they name all of their pies after celebrities. They also make a Big Mac pizza, which you should definitely order if you're a McDonald's fan.

Gusto 101

101 Portland St

Delivery: No

Try the Da Dee for $15.50, it has wilted kale, fior di latte and thinly sliced sweet potato. If you're a dedicated carnivore you can order the Polpette for $15.95 that has provolone and meatballs. They also have different specials each day of the week so make sure to ask about the pizzas of the day.

Photo cred -Amy K.

Il Fornaro

1954 Avenue Rd

Delivery: Yes (416) 782-0505

It looks a little bit outdated, however, don't knock it till you try it. If all you care about is the taste of your pizza, Il Fornaro is perfect. It's fast and delicious.


604 King St. West

53 Scollard St.

75 Portland St.

Delivery: No

Buca has locations in Yorkville and on King West so you can expect it to be a bit more on the expensive side but when you have a couple extra bucks for a pizza splurge, consider your choice made. They also give you scissors to cut the pizza, which is just a lot of fun. The pizza is not your expected round shape and the crust is almost the best part, almost.

Pizzeria Defina

321 Roncesvalles Ave

Delivery: Take-out only (unavailable between 3pm and 5pm)

A Roncesvalles staple, Defina make a mean pie. Althought they have not been open that long they've already proven themselves. They use wood-fired ovens to cook up the pizza and you can order a pizza in honour of the Red Hot Chili Pepper. For $17 the band inspired dish has San Marzano tomato sauve, dior di latte, chorizo, salami and hot jalapeños.

Queen Margherita

772 Dundas St West

785 Annette St

1402 Queen St East

Delivery: No

Up to three locations now, Queen Marguerita has it all covered. They offer classic pizzas with traditional toppings and others that push boundaries a tad, at least for us straight-forward pizza thinkers. The pizzas range between $13 and $19.

Pizza e Pazzi

1182 St Clair Ave West

Delivery: No

Another pizza place that is dedicated to their Neapolitan pizza roots. Pizza e Pazzi make their dough in house and one of our personal favourite toppings is their spicy salami.

Photo cred - tripadvisor

Viva Napoli

679 Mt Pleasant Rd

Delivery: Yes (647) 344-8482

So Viva Napoli are actually VPN certified, which stands for Verace Pizza Napoletana and that translates into 'damn straight this pizza is made authentically.' Essentially, they use all the best italian ingredients and equipment to ensure that the pizza tastes like you accidentally teleported from Toronto to Italy. Droooooling.

Diamond Pizza

510 Main Street

1349 Danforth Road

Delivery: Yes (416)691-1777 (Main)/(416)269-1269 (Danforth)

Diamond Pizza have a 'Diamond Special' that is made up of 16 ingredients and rather than a cherry on top there is a baby ciabatta bun in the middle. It's one of those things in the city that you've got to try at least once.

Big Slice

385 Yonge Street

Delivery: Yes (416) 977-8451

As if Big Slice wasn't going to make this list. Haterz move along because sometimes you just need a damn good slice of cheap pizza that is bigger than your head. Don't judge us.

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