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School is back in session and with that comes great responsibility and/or procrastination. Whether you are a student who operates better late at night or a student who leaves everything for the last minute and has mastered the all-nighter these spots are for you! These Toronto locations are open 24 hours and are great for studying or for feeding you on your well-deserved study breaks.


20 College Street

There are two types of students in Toronto those who love Fran's and those who pretend not to love it. With two locations downtown in close proximity to some of the largest university campuses Fran’s is a great option. The food is delicious and inexpensive, not to mention they can also satisfy your 24 hour caffeine needs. A diner may not be your first option for a study spot given they can get noisy but during the week it stays relatively quiet late at night. Avoid on Friday and Saturday nights, for obvious reasons.

The Bagel House

1438 Yonge Street

The Bagel House offers fresh Montreal-style bagels (they have ties to St-Viateur in Montreal- this is not a drill!) to Torontonians from all walks of life but for students it’s a good spot to hit up when you need a late night study sesh, snacks included. There are many locations across the downtown core and GTA but the bonus is that now most of their locations are open 24/7.

The Lakeview

1132 Dundas Street West

The service at Lakeview is always what you need it to be and they have killer milkshakes that'll 9 times of out 10 make any stress that you may have melt away. You have your choice of hamburgers, poutine, nachos, sandwiches or 24 hour breakfast depending on what your brain needs to refuel. You can hit up The Lakeview for some eats in between hardcore test prep or bring your books and hang out for a while.

McDonald's @ Yonge & College

470 Yonge Street

I remember when my friends started studying here and I was like "Wow have we really sunk so low as to study at Mcdonald's?" But then I gave it a shot and the upstairs level of this brand spankin' new McDonald's is actually quite nice, free Wi-Fi and all the McNuggets you can muster. It is the largest Mcdonald’s in Ontario so you can bet there is a lot of room to spread your books and laptops out late at night, not to mention, the food and drink options are perfectly affordable. Best to avoid on prime drinking nights such as Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays since it is a McDonald’s after all.

The Golden Griddle

45 Carlton Street

A staple in family restaurants, The Golden Griddle is also very student friendly. They offer free Wi-Fi, Monday Omelet specials and all-you-can-eat pancakes on Tuesdays, yes you read that right! HELLO! HEAVEN! Located close to Ryerson and The U of T campuses it is a student favourite during exams, especially for students on a budget so if you are looking for low budget eats and a decent study environment, golden griddle has you covered.

The Grille

1596 The Queensway

The Grille offers a massive selection of all-day breakfast with pretty generous portions in a diner-style environment. There is a $5.25 breakfast special that gets you two eggs, bacon, ham or sausage, home fries, toast AND coffee. Open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday and 7am to 11pm the rest of the week so grab some food for your mind, body and soul and get that A+!

Tim Hortons

Various Locations

When all else fails Tim is here for us. A staple in the life of any and all Canadian students nation-wide you can always count on a late-night Tim Hortons visit to help you through. Try the new Tim Hortons dark roast for an extra kick of caffeine or ask the staff to keep the double doubles coming. Click here to find a 24-hour Tim Horton’s near you.

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Coffee Time

731 Broadview Avenue

With free Wi-Fi at this specific location it’s perfect for when you just need to get out of your house and find an easy place to catch some serious studying late at night. You can choose between a few different blends of coffee or enjoy some soup and a sandwich while you conquer your academia. Ideal for the student who is fueled by caffeine.

Thompson Diner

550 Wellington Street

Oh you fancy, huh? You need a little extra sumtin’ sumtin’ when you hit the books late night? The self-proclaimed “modern interpretation of the classic diner” is pretty freakin’ cool! The modern décor gives it a very upscale feeling but it still feels very comfortable, the staff is great and surprisingly the prices are totally reasonable.

7 West Cafe

7 Charles Street West

If we’re being honest, comfortable, 24/7 establishments in Toronto, that are not entirely creepy, are not always easy to come by. 7 West café is a total gem; it is super cozy and has really great food options ranging from decadent deserts to “All the Time” breakfast. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year the staff are pretty dedicated to keeping you awake with them.

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