Toronto has so many food crazes that many of us have become food bloggers in our spare time. It's hard to not do this when food in the city looks and tastes amazing.

So if you're a food blogger in training or you are looking for some cool dishes to post up on your Instagram and make your account pop, here are a bunch essential foods that need to be on the gram, all of which you can find right in Toronto!

Smash Bags @ Junked Food Co.

Where: 507 Queen St. W // Queen West

via @junkedfoodco

Their signature item known as the smash bag, combines Doritos, with chilli, cheese and other nacho ingredients. They also have little photo booths for easy pics for the gram!


Korean Pork Back Ribs with Cheese @ James Cheese Back Ribs

Where: 409 Spadina Ave. // Chinatown

via @jamescheeseca

Saucy Korean style back ribs wrapped in gooey cheese! Need we say more?


Charcoal Croissants @ Bake Code

Where: 4910 Yonge St. // North York

via @bakecode

The fillings for these croissants you can choose from are cheese, custard, matcha and thai milk tea!


Eggs Benedict @ Starving Artist

Where: 810 College St. // Bickford Park

via @wyauu

Their eggs benny are literally perfect and always photo ready!


Oysters @ Boehmer

Where: 93 Ossington Ave. // Ossington Strip

via @boehmerto

Looking for something boujee to post on your Instagram? Look no further, these perefect oysters will do the trick!


Milkshakes @ Hollywood Cone

Where: 1167 Queen St. W // Queen West

via @hollywoodcone

Literally all of their milkshakes are over-the-top and perfect, garnished with stuff like donuts, cakes and ice cream!


Rainbow Cones @ CutiePie Cupcakes

Where: 235 Spadina Ave. // Chinatown

via @cutiepiecupcakes_to

These adorable waffle cones are like unicorn horns! They also have champagne ice cream and many toppings to go perfectly with it!


Sushi Burrito @ Su&Bu

Where: 106 John St. // Entertainment District

via @suandbu

Sushi burritos are like the rainbow in a single roll! It's pretty much a burrito but made entirely out of sushi ingredients.


Rainbow Bagels @ What A Bagel

Where: 130 Spadina Ave. // Toronto

via @whatabagel

These are a thing in Toronto! These are super vibrant for nice pictures and they pair well with cream cheese!


Dipped Cones @ La Diperie

Where: 372 Danforth Ave. // Riverdale

via @the.first.bite

They have a variety of cool cones all dipped in unique and colourful dips, each with their own flavour!


Cheese Tart @ Pablo Cheesetart Toronto

Where: 114 Dundas St. W // Downtown Core

via @dylan22002

If you haven't already tried their classic cheesetart it's a must! And of course you need to post it to the gram, ASAP!


Fruit Filled Mochi @ Little Pebbles

Where: 160 Baldwin St. // Kensington Market

via @littlepebblesto

This cool take on a classic Japanese dessert, looks as good as it tastes! Although over Instagram no one can experience the ooey gooey delicious texture!


Chef's Appetizer Platter @ Maha's Fine Egyptian Cuisine

Where: 226 Greenwood Ave. // Leslieville

via @mahasbrunch

This platter tastes even better than it looks, and it looks super extravagant already! Great for overhead shots and it makes you look like a total foodie. 


Nitrogen Ice Cream @ Cool N2

Where: 412 Queen St. W // Alexandra Park

via @foodwitherin

This beautiful cloud even features smoke from nitrogen and ice cream topped with a ton of cotton candy!


Churro Loop Sundae @ Fugo

Where: 205 Dundas St. W // Downtown Core

via @fugodesserts

These super cute churros dipped in your topping of choice makes the perfect addition to your sundae, and your Instagram page!


Krusty the Cone @ Sweet Jesus

Where: 106 John St. // Entertainment District

via @sweetjesus

This cone is one of their best and looks exactly like Krusty the Clown from The Simpsons!


Carbone Pizza @ Masseria

Where: 577 King St. W // Fashion District

via @masseriatoronto

With the charcoal craze being so prominent in the city this year, your Instagram feed wouldn't be complete without a cheesy charcoal pizza on there!


Charcoal Soft Serve @ iHalo Krunch

Where: 915 Queen St. W // Trinity Bellwoods

via @ihalokrunch

The goth dessert of choice deserves a spot in your Instagram page, even if you aren't goth. You can add taro or matcha soft-serve in there as well if you want to lighten your soul.


Chimney Cones @ Eva's Original Chimneys

Where: 454 Bloor St. W // The Annex

via @to_finest

These churro chimney cones will hit the spot and garner the likes you need on your Instagram post!


Poké Bowls @ Pokito

Where: 420 Queen St. W // Queen West

via @pokitocanada

Poké bowls taste amazing and look amazing, with their combination of colourful ingredients and unique plating. Your page isn't complete without a pic of these!


Tsum Tsum Macarons @ DaanGo Cake Lab

Where: 3380 Midland Ave. // Scarborough

via @to_finest

These macarons are just adorable! And you can only get them when their location opens in October!


Fish Tacos @ Seven Lives

Where: 69 Kensington Ave. // Kensington Market

via @toreats

These tacos are loaded! Seriously, they look like they're bursting (bursting with flavour of course) and make for a unique photo subject!


Monster Shakes @ Short and Sweet Bakeshop Cafe

Where: 2015 Yonge St. // Mount Pleasant

via @shortandsweetcupcakes

These milkshakes are huge and perfect for the gram with their brightly lined cups with various flavours and colours!


Avocado Toast @ Early Bird Coffee & Kitchen

Where: 613 Queen St. W // Queen West

via @coffeetoronto

Their avocado toast looks like a pretty rose! They also have pink Eggs Benedict so this spot has got lots of Instagram-friendly food!


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