Food, food and more food--- one of the best things about Toronto is the epic food scene that it presents.  Do you have a massive craving for cheese? There's a place for that. Craving something spicy and hot? There is a place for that. Yup, there are food places everywhere all over the city that'll leave you satisfied regardless of what you're feeling that day, so it's safe to say that you won't go hungry in the 6ix for awhile.

But what brings tears to my eyes and makes my heart throb  is when people neglect all the underrated talent that the city has to offer.

Here are a few underrated restaurants in Toronto that you definitely check out the next time you feel like going out for a bite to eat.

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1. The Depanneur // 1033 College St.

If you're ever in Little Italy, stop by The Depanneur for some delicious food with an insanely fancy schmancy french name that is almost unworthy of serving $10-15 dishes. Oh yeah, your wallet is definitely not complaining!

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2. Schnitzel Queen // 211 Queen St E.

Enjoy some Eastern European schnitzel as the queen that you know you are on the east side of the city. It's homey, flavourful and most importantly mouthwateringly delicious!

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3. The Guild // 1442 Dundas St. W

Whether you're looking for a good place for brunch, lunch or dinner, enjoy a fresh meal with the squad at this lowkey establishment in the Dufferin Grove.

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4. Sky Blue Sky Sandwich Company // 605 Bloor St. W

You've never tasted a real sandwich until you've been to this Korean owned sandwich restaurant. Customize your own personalized sandwich that mama probably could not make with her own hands and go ahead--- stuff yo face! I mean, doesn't that photo not make you drool?

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5. Cinamon Indian Bistro // 1966 Queen St. E

Increase your horizons with these Indian dishes from Cinamon Indian Bistro. Take a dab at different sauces, spices and and the deliciousness that India has to offer.

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6. Jacques Bistro Du Parc // 126 Cumberland St.

If you're feeling fancy AF and you're in the Yorkville area, enjoy a fancy dim lit dinner at this restaurant with bae or with your BFF. You deserve to treat yourself once in awhile so go for it!

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7. Woodlot // 293 Palmerston St.

Vegan friendly and foodie loved, this restaurant caters to all! Enjoy this underrated restaurant for lunch and definitely try the Wood Fired Tourtiere because it'll knock your socks off!

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8. The Commodore // 1265 Queen St. W

Elevating your classic favourites, the Commodore does it justice! Enjoy the cutesy embiance of the restaurant and enjoy your meal with really good vibes.

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9. Ravi Soups // 322 Adelaide St. W

Perfect for this especially chilly fall season, enjoy a nice and warm hearty bowl of soup that'll warm your soul and your stomach. It's not as basic as Panera--- it's better!

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10. Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St.

Perfect for your Instagram feed, spend a good hour or two at this patio bar/restaurant taking on fleek photos and eating even more on fleek food. It's guarenteed to please!

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11. Little Sister // 2031 Yonge St.

Try something new at this Indonesian food bar and prepare to fall in love. It's like a taste of Bali in every bite.

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12. Chris Jerk // 2570 Birchmount Road

Jerk chicken is a Toronto favourite therefore you deserve the best and only the best. Get a huge plate of your favourite Caribbean meal for insanely cheap!

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13. Rol San // 323 Spadina Ave.

If you've never had dim sum before, this dim sum restaurant on Spadina will satisfy your Chinese food craving. Bring the entire squad and start chowing down!

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14. Oretta // 633 King St. W

Opening up this fall, be the first to try some of their delicious food. It's anticipated to be mouthwateringly delish and we simply cannot wait!

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15. Baro // 485 King St. W

Chow down on something simple and homey at Baro on King St. W and be prepared to feel satisfied AF. It serves all your classic favourites and you won't be disappointed!

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16. Bar Buca // 75 Portland St.

Enjoy a fancy glass of wine alongside your delicious meal at this lowkey restaurant. It's sure to please both your stomach, and Instagram feed!

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17. The Gabardine // 372 Bay St.

For all you cheese lovers, this one is for you! Fulfill your ultimate cheese cravings at this amazing restaurant and have your friends endlessly bug you about where you were with your foodgasmic instagram pics.

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18. Royal Tea // 4188 Finch Ave East.

And for all you bbt lovers, this one is also for you! Chatime and Coco Tea is so overrated. Next time you're in the mood for something sweet, find yourself at Royal Tea for some good tea served in adorable light bulbs!

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19. Allen's // 143 Danforth Ave.

Enjoy some good meat lovin' on the Danforth and appreciate the magical gift which is meat. It definitely beats your big mac any day.

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20. DaiLo // 503 College St.

Another underrated Chinese food destination that you absolutely must try next time you catch yourself almost falling in line at your local Manchu Wok. Uhm no, do yourself a favour and try some authentic Chinese food-- you'll be doing yourself a favour!

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21. Planta // 1221 Bay St.

The name of the restaurant says it all. If you aren't so much of a meat lover and prefer a might good veggie alternative, Planta has you covered! And for those who don't mind some meat, each bite will have you mind fvcked as you question if this veggie dish is actually veggie.


22. Nom Nom Nom Poutine And Crepes // 707 Dundas St. W

Give Smokes Poutine a break and try some other authentically Canadian poutine! They have an entire ten delicious poutines to choose from that'll be knock out in comparison to your typical gravy & cheesy fries.

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23. Banjara // 796 Bloor St. W

Get down and dirty and try some another authentic Indian restaurant. Enjoy the different ranges of flavours that India has to offer.

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24. Tita Flips // 707 Dundas St. W

It may not be what nanay makes at home, but it's definitely the next best thing! Max's is expensive and FV Foods lacks variety. That being said, skip the disappointment and try Tita Flips for one of the most authentic Filipino bites in Toronto.

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25. Masseria // 577 King St. W

If you like a good slice of pizza pie, then this is for you! Pizza Pizza aint got nothing on Masseria that just newly opened giving pizza lovers a whole new sense of direction!

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26. Ramen Isshin // 421 College St.

Ramen season indeed it is! This underrated ramen shop is definitely an upgrade from your typical Mr. Noodles. Cuddle yourself in this fall with this warm Asian classic that is sure to satisfy your hunger during this chilly weather.

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27. Eastside Social // 1008 Queen St. E

Show some love to the east side of Toronto and treat yourself to an elite meal in the city. Oysters, seafood and Western cuisine--- treat yo' self to some good cookin' no matter what the craving!

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28. Maha's Fine Egyptian Cuisine // 226 Greenwood Ave

Egyptian cuisine isn't usually a mainstream dish so it's no surprise that people tend to dismiss restaurants such as this one. It has its own culture and identity like any other international cuisine and it'll be a new experience for all dedicated foodies to appreciate.

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29. Han Ba Tang // 4862 Yonge St.

Korean cuisine is becoming all the rage in Toronto nowadays, but at Han Ba Tang the variety of delicious meals on the menu are endless! For example, who has ever heard of Korean fusion cheese fondue?! It's mouthwatering and ridiculously delish... you'll thank me later.

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30. Mamakas Taverna // 80 Ossington Ave.

Take your (taste) buds to the aisles of Greece at this Torontonian Greek cuisinary. It's no Jimmy The Greek but Jimmy can turn up without you because you're better off without him. Trust.

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31. Sea Witch Fish & Chips // 636 St. Clair Ave. W

This classic surf and turf combo has everyone going particularly nuts these days. Get your hands dirty with some deliciously flaky beer battered fish and the classic salted fries (otherwise known as 'chips') to complete the bloody amazing dining experience!

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