Toronto is home to arguably some of the hottest restaurants in the world. The city gets new impressive restaurants every year and no one tires of the array of good eats that are available. 

This summer there's a few restaurants that stand out from the regular crowd. And this is the perfect summer to eat your way through all of them! With this list, you'll never go hungry again because there's a little something for every taste and every budget. You'll probably want to try them all, though. 

1. Amano // 65 Front Street West 

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This underground pasta joint is a must try because of their cool atmosphere, fresh locally-sourced ingredients, and hand-made pasta. 

2. Soufi's // 676 Queen Street West 

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This hidden gem offers authentic Syrian food, and the cool atomosphere is totally grammable. 

3. Mythology Diner // 1265 Queen Street West 

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This hot joint was the first in the city to serve up vegan comfort food. You read that right, totally vegan comfort food! 

4. Chop Chop // 771 Dundas Street West 

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Chop Chop offers seriously delicious classic Chinese fare against a modern and bright decor backdrop. 

5. The Civic // 106 Broadviews Avenue 

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The Civic is on the main floor of the Broadview Hotel and offers contemporary cuisine with a historical twist. Try their duck confit or bone-in pork chop. 

6. Skippa // 379 Harbord Street 

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This cozy Japanese eatery offers small plates that change daily, so you'll always find something new to taste here. 

7. Aloette // 163 Spadina Avenue 

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This place takes the meaning diner to a whole new level by adding a a chic classy vibe to an already winning formula. They serve French cuisine and elevated comfort food. 

8. Hawthorne // 60 Richmond Street East 

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Using only seasonal and sustainable ingredients, this bright eatery serves locally inspired dishes. 

9. Gold Standard //  385 Roncesvalles Ave

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This hipster-esque style take-out window serves up some of the best breakfast sandwiches around. There's outdoor seating and pets are allowed! 

10. Northern Maverick // 115 Bathurst Street 

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The pub style menu is complimented greatly by their huge selection of beer. The brewery style restaurant gives the Distillery District a run for its money. 

11. Tennessee Tavern // 1554 Queen Street West 

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This spot offers the staple bar eats and a seriously cool vintage vibe. Go for the delicious food, stay for the amazing patio! 

12. Uncle Mikey's // 1597 Dundas Street West 

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Offering up a loaded menu of Asian tapas, this rustic snack bar style restaurant has a ton of unique menu options to choose from. 

13. La Palma // 849 Dundas Street West 

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This Italian eatery offers up made-to-share pizzas, pasta plates and Italian-style cocktails. It's hard to get a table, though, so make a reservation or hope for the best. 

14. Kiin // 326 Adelaide St West

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Bringing Thai food to a whole new level is Kiin. With elevated style dishes and a seriously upscale ambience, this place is a must try. 

15. Tanto // 74 Ossington Avenue 

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With an Argentine-inspired menu, this eatery has an open kitchen with a wood-fire stove offering up a full aroma of their share plates and epic meat selection. 

16. BlueBlood Steakhouse // 1 Austin Terrace

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Dine in serious style at BlueBlood Steakhouse. The restaurant in Casa Loma serves up some of the best steaks in the city in a swanky environment. 

17. Kay Pacha // 744 St. Clair Avenue West

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This Peruvian-style restaurant serves up authentic cuisine in an art-deco backdrop. Try the skewers! 

18. General Assembly // 331 Adelaide Street West

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With a modern-style interior, this place is as beautiful as the food is good. They offer a huge selection of wood-fired pizza so there's a little something for everyone. 

19. Café Cancan //  89 Harbord Street 

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With a beautiful rose pink and teal interior, this adorable cafe will give you serious Audrey Hepburn vibes. The French bistro serves up a killer brunch and amazing cocktails. 

20. Labora // 433 King Street West 

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Labora is part of the Spanish food hall, Campo Food Hall, and serves up some seriously good and authentic Spanish cuisine. 

21. Antler // 1454 Dundas Street West 

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This spot is a meat lovers dream! They have an assortment of good eats, all seasonal, and their ingredients are foraged for the perfect meal. 

22. Bar Altura // 571 Queen Street West 

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This fresh pasta and cocktail bar is a must see on any foodie's bucket list. They take authentic Italian and add a modern touch to create some seriousy delicious cuisine. 

23. Constantine // 15 Charles Street East 

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Offering authentic Mediterranean dishes, this open-kitchen style restaurant has a seriously grammable worthy patio and even better food. 

24. Il Covo // 585 College Street

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This place offers an intimate setting coupled with seasonal Italian dishes to die for. Their fresh pasta and wine list are worth a second, or even third, look. 

25. Parallel // 217 Geary Avenue 

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Giving restaurant goers a true authentic Middle Eastern cuisine experience, Parralell's industrial style spot is the perfect place to hit up this summer. 

26. Rosalinda // 133 Richmond Street West 

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This Mexican restaurant serves up some culinary artistry in the way of traditional Mexican cuisine. The best part? It's totally vegan! 

27. SoSo Food Club // 1166 Dundas Street West 

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The SoSo Food Club is a real 3 in 1 delight. It has it all from a restaurant, to a cocktail bar and even an evening dance floor. They serve up some delicious Chinese snacks. 

28. Toronto Island Brewing // 120 Centre Island Dock 

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Just a short ferry ride across Lake Ontario and you'll arrive at one of the best BBQ joints the city has to offer. It's a brewery too, so you can get your beer and your meat on while enjoying the skyline views. 

29. Konjiki Ramen // 5051 Yonge Street

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Named Japan's number 1 ramen spot, Konjiki opened it's doors in Toronto and has been seriously happening ever since. Serving up the best ramen in the city, this place is a must visit this summer. 

30. La Banane // 227 Ossington Avenue

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Serving up French inspired cuisine, this stylish eatery pays as much attention to flavour as they do to presentation. Do it for the 'gram. 

31. Richmond Station // 1 Richmond Street West 

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They may have one of the best burgers in the city but their menu offerings are so much more than that. With instaworthy desserts and their killer apps menu, this is a must try in the city. 

32. Convenience // 1184 Queen Street West 

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Paying homage to the nostalgic 90's kid in all of us, Convenience offers up a dining experience to bring the foodie in all of us back to the days of bike rides to the corner store. 

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