Toronto, like every major city, is packed with comedy clubs frequented by funny people. You already know about Russell Peters, but you probably don't know about most of these funny folk... yet!

Torontonians are making you laugh on stage, on screen, on Twitter, on Youtube, and from behind the scenes (they're writing the jokes that send you into stitches!) Some are already in the spotlight and the rest are on their way up! Not all of these funny people spend a ton of time creating Twitter content, but I've attached links so  that you can easily find their profiles and see what else they're up to.

We couldn't possibly include every awesome Toronto comedian, but here are 35 funny people (in no particular order) that caught our eye:

Happy laughing, Toronto!

1. Pat Thorton

2. Sara Hennessey


3. Lilly Singh

4. James Kersley

5. Rebecca Kohler


6. Megan MacKay

7. Kathleen Phillips

8. Matt O'Brien


9 . Kayla Lorette

10. Ryan Long

11. Kevin Foxx

12. Brent Butt

13. Jon Blair

14. Todd Graham

15. Martha O'Neill


16. Samantha Bee

17. Kyle Dooley

18. Anne Donahue

19. Ron James

20. Makela S

21. Kris Siddiqi

22. Steph Tolev


23. Áine Davis

24. Jackie Pirico

25. Oliver Georgiou


26. DeAnne Smith 


27. Kyle Forsyth

28. Jocelyn Geddie

29. Ryan Horwood

30. Kirsten Rasmussen

31. K Trevor Wilson

32. Evany Rosen

32. Mark Little

33. Jordan Foisy

34. Danny Polishchuk

35. Arthur Simeon

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