The Kensington Market is probably one of the most popping places in Toronto that you have to spend at least an entire day going through. Whether you're a foodie, a hipster or just someone who enjoys good vibes and culture--- the Kensington Market is a place you definitely have to visit. Hidden away near College and Spadina, there is a world of delicious food, quirky finds and incredibly rad people to make your experience different every time.

The best part? Most of the delicious treasures hidden within the Kensington Market are wallet friendly and totally worth the mission where ever you are in the GTA.

Here are a few places to visit in the Kensington Market the next time you decide to sit around at home all day. 

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Dirty Bird Chicken & Waffles// 79 Kensington Ave

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North Poke// 179 Baldwin St.

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Seven Lives Paleteria// 72 Kensington Ave.

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Seven Lives Tacos y Mariscos// 69 Kensington Ave.

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Rasta Pasta// 61 Kensington Ave.

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Fresco's Fish & Chips// 201 Augusta Ave.

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Wanda's Pie In The Sky// 287 Augusta Ave.

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The Burgernator// 269 Augusta Ave.

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San Cosme// 181 Baldwin St.

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OM Grilled Cheese// 66 Nausau St.

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Amadeu's// 184 Augusta Ave.

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Hibiscus// 238 Augusta Ave.

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Fika's// 28 Kensington Ave.

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Otter's Berlin Doner// 256 Augusta Ave.

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Bunner's// 244 Augusta Ave.

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El Arepazo// 181 Augusta Ave.

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Banh Mi Bar// 189 Augusta Ave.

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Big Fat Burrito// 285 Augusta Ave.

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Moo Frites// 178 Baldwin St.

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Pizzeria Via Mercanti// 188 Augusta Ave

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Jumbo Empanadas// 245 Augusta Ave.

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La Tortilleria// 198 Augusta Ave.

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Pancho's Bakery// 214 Augusta Ave.

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Tito Ron's// 214 Augusta Ave.

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Sanagan's Meat Locker// 176 Baldwin St.

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Millie Creperie// 161 Baldwin St.

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The Last Temptation// 12 Kensington Ave.

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Urban Herbivore// 64 Oxford St.

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Toronto Popcorn Company// 147 Baldwin St.

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Hungary Thai// 196 Augusta Ave.

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Top Gun Steak// 251 Augusta Ave.

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Don't Call Me Cupcake// 160 Baldwin St.

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The Witches Brew// 160 Baldwin St.

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King's Cafe// 162 Augusta Ave.

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Our Spot// 180 Baldwin

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Nu Bagel// 240 Augusta Ave.

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Trinity Common// 303 Augusta Ave.

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