Sexy sweaty men, one too many drinks, dollah dollah bills... and did I mention sexy. sweaty. men? For years, men were deemed to be the only ones who were allowed a good show and spend time at a strip club with their bros. But it's the 21st century now, and now it's no secret that us, women, are just as entitled to a girls' night out where we can enjoy the objectification of men and unlimited margaritas for just one night.

And that, my friends, is why the male strip club industry has been a popular late night adventure for women to just let loose and enjoy some sexy AF eye candy. Sure there may not be a shirtless Channing Tatum or a steamy Alex Pettyfer on the scene, but there are still a few places in Toronto to bring the girls, whether it be your BFF's bachelorette party or a not so PG girls' night out, to appreciate the wonderful gift God has blessed us ever so kindly with--- sexy male strippers.

That being said, here are 7 male strip clubs in Toronto to treat your eyes and live the ultimate Magic Mike experience:

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Remingtons Men of Steel// 379 Yonge St.

Whether it's your first time out or you're just looking for more action, the sexy men at Remingtons are sure to please! Enjoy a nice drink with your lap dance and prepare to get wild & frisky.

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Foxxes Den// 689 the Queensway

It's time to unleash your inner animal and spend your Saturday nights at the Foxxes Den! This male strip club on the Queensway is sure to open up your inner fox and get naughty with some even naughtier men. Rawrrr..

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Klub Kave// 2847 Lakeshore Blvd.

Who can go wrong with some delicious looking papas giving you and your girls a show? Enjoy a shot of vodka or two with your girls and prepare to never peel your eyes off a couple of shirtless gods who want to do nothing but entertain you. For just one night, enjoy what it's like to be a queen with some sexy guards to rule over. YAAAAS zaddy!

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Flash// 463 Church St.

Walk down Church St. and enjoy a change of atmosphere at this LGBTQ strip club that is probably 10x friskier and kinkier than your typical hetero- strip club. Don't worry, if you've ever had your eyes set on a guy that wasn't into you the same way, this'll be your chance to enjoy with no strings attached.

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Woody's// 465 Church St.

This is yet another LGBTQ club on Church St. that has an even larger collection of sexy men ready and set for your entertainment. Sit back, caress those glowing abs and perky butt cheeks and enjoy the view with your girls giggling and cheering you on!

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Lion's Cage// 1820 Dundas St. E

Anybody who actually spent time in an actual lion's den would know that the tension in such an intense space would palpitate one's heart rate tenfold. That being said, at the Lion's Cage melt all the tension in your muscles away at this not so PG nightclub and spend time with the hungry lions themselves. Once again, rawrrr... 

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