Okay, ladies (and gents, no judgment here!), I know you're tired of shaving, tweezing and waxing. Ready to step up your game and laser your unwanted hair away for good?! Yes, it's true that laser hair removal can get quite pricey, depending on how many sessions as well as which body part you choose to focus on. But just think - legs, arms, bikini line, underarms... all smooth as can be. I mean, never having to think about booking a Brazilian before your next beach vacay? Eliminating those dark hair follicle bumps from your underarms that just won't go away no matter how close of a shave you get? Ugh - that's worth the investment long-term if you ask me!

When it comes to choosing a reputable medical spa, you'll want to do your research online as well as book a consultation in order to discuss your needs with a trained professional. To jumpstart your search for the best Toronto med spa for you, we've compiled the shortlist you'll need for some of the best of the best in the city below!

1. NewDermaMed // 790 Bay St

NewDermaMed has rave reviews and for good reason. Their staff are all highly qualified and care about getting you the results you want. A 3-session full-legs package will run you about $800, but they are currently offering a promotion for 30% off all laser hair removal treatments. Get on that!

2. Bellair Laser Clinic // 116 Cumberland St

Bellair Laser Clinic's most popular laser hair removal treatments are for the underarms, legs, bikini line, and upper lip, to name a few. Their Lightsheer laser technology is currently recognized as a Gold Standard in the industry. A 3-session full-legs package will cost you approximately $1200.

3. Beauty Bar // 675 Yonge St

Beauty Bar has a solid reputation in Toronto, with 4 locations across the GTA (Yorkville, Yonge & Eg, Yonge & Steeles, and the above location at Yonge & Charles). You need to contact them personally by phone or through the contact form on their website to book a consultation as well as talk about pricing, but what's awesome is they have a promotion going on until the end of 2016 offering your first laser hair removal session for free!

4. Magic Laser and Aesthetics // 1 Dundas St W

This laser clinic is conveniently located right by the Eaton's Centre, so if you constantly find yourself in that area (and who doesn't, really?), you might want to give this place a try. They use Nd:YAG laser machine technology with 1064 nm wavelength, which is said to work on all skin tones. They are currently offering a Groupon that offers 80% off a single treatment, but the promotion is ending soon so you'll want to snap it up quick!

5. DLK on Avenue // 108 Avenue Rd

DLK is run by experienced dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett and located in the Yorkville area. Keep in mind that laser hair removal is never going to be a one-session solution - but with that being said, they promise long lasting hair reduction in as little as 4-6 sessions. Contact them for pricing and booking a consultation.

6. VS Med Spa // 280 Sheppard Ave E

Located in North York, VS Med Spa is run by Victoria and Vadim Sinavski, both with over 15 years of experience each in the dermatology industry. They are currently running a promotion for a 4-session package for full legs and bikini line approximately $1000.

7. Evropa Laser & Waxing Studio // 73 Richmond Street W

Originating from Vancouver, Evropa has made the move east and opened their second location in the heart of downtown Toronto. They allow you to pay per treatment as you go, as opposed to paying the hefty price tag of a package upfront often seen at other clinics. Full legs with free included treatment to the bikini line will run you $330 per session.

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