"Where should we go for drinks?" Such is one of the most asked questions among Torontonians; not because the options are limited, but rather because there are almost too many options to choose from! Sometimes, you just want something quick and easy, so you resort to the local bar on your street corner. Other times, you're in the mood for something a more than just a standard bar.

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If you're faced with the latter dilemma, you may appreciate these 8 unusual places to go drinking at:

RINX // 65 Orfus Rd

RINX is a sports and entertainment multiplex that offers private bookings for group and team building events. There are several attractions to try out in their facility - bowling, lazer tag, billiards, mini golf, and so much more. The best part? They are fully licensed to serve liquor throughout the building, so you can get play and drink.

BATL Axe Throwing // 33 Villiers St

BATL Axe Throwing has been rapidly gaining popularity in recent months. The premise is simple - you throw axes at a target on a wooden board and try to hit the bullseye. But what takes the game to a whole other level is once you add alcohol into the mix! Although BATL does not serve alcohol, it still has a permit that allows guests to BYOB.

Ripley's Aquarium // 288 Bremner Blvd

Ripley's Aquarium isn't just a place to browse at pretty jellies and fishies - it also has an in-house bar that is licensed to serve alcohol to guests over 19 years old. An alcohol package can be purchased as an addition to their adult birthday party package, and it would include standard bar rail beer, wine and traditional mixed drinks. Find out more on how you can get turnt under the sea here.

Her Majesty's Pleasure // 556 King St W

Her Majesty's Pleasure is a one-stop shop for all females looking to get pampered. The business is a salon & nail bar, boutique, cafe, juice bar and event space all in one. Enjoy a facial, haircut, manicure and much more while sippin' on some liquid poison.

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Rod, Gun & Barbers // 2877 Dundas St W

Rod, Gun & Barbers is for all the fellas out there. This isn't just any ordinary barbershop - the venue is equipped with a fully licensed bar, live music, and cigars for days. And, on top of it all, its staff consists of some of the most talented barbers in the city. That's lit, fam.

TKTO // 6 Curity Ave #22

TKTO, or Toronto Knife Throwing, will undeniably get you hooked on the art of knife throwing. There's no need to be intimidated by this activity, as you'll be mentored by none other than world class knife throwing instructors. What's even better is that guests are permitted to BYOB at their facility. Yaaas.

North Beach Indoor Volleyball // 74 Railside Rd

North Beach Indoor Volleyball isn't just a place for hitting the sand. The facility has its own restaurant and patio, and they are licensed to serve alcoholic beverages to of-age players. Come by and enjoy one of the best pairings in life - beach volleyball and a nice, cold bottle of beer. Oh, and I almost forgot... They also have a rock climbing wall. It's pretty awesome.

Club Paradise // 1313 Bloor St W

Club Paradise is a little bit of an outlier on this listThe facility is actually a strip club that's owned by the 6ix God himself, Drake. What makes drinking at this venue particularly unusual is the fact that right beside it on the same street from is full-fledged Christian church. Care to get turnt in front of the Lord?


Skyworks Balloons // 18 Tannery Ct (Richmond Hill)

Skyworks Balloons is a group that specializes in hot air balloon rides in the GTA. Although you're not allowed to consume alcoholic beverages during a hot air balloon ride, their ride packages include post-flight champagnes.

The Manor // 211 Silvercreek Pkwy S (Guelph)

If you thought the whole Club Paradise thing was weirdthen you'll definitely find The Manor bizarre. This Guelph establishment is essentially a nightclub that doubles as a church. No, I'm not joking. Their crazy Saturday nights are followed with church service in the afternoons on the Sundays after.

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