When it comes to date night with your S.O, heading somewhere with a romantic vibe is key - especially if you're looking to get lucky. 

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From restaurants serving up aphrodisiacs to those with perfectly intimate settings, here are 9 restaurants that are guaranteed to get you laid. 

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Chabrol // 90 Yorkville Ave

This intimate Yorkville spot serves up deliciously authentic French fare. With their elegant decor and an impressive selection of wine and cheese, romance is pretty much a given at Chabrol. 

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Chantecler // 1320 Queen St W

Oysters are one of the most notorious aphrodisiacs and for good reason. Oysters contain a high content of amino acids, which trigger the production of sex hormones. Chantecler is known for their "buck-a-shuck oysters," which paired with their intimate setting, is sure to be a winning combination.

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Midfield Wine Bar // 1434 Dundas St W

Midfield is one of the city's key spots for wine lovers. The dimly lit restaurant glows over candle light, effectively setting the mood. 

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Joso's // 202 Davenport Rd

Along with oysters, other forms of seafood, such as clams, lobster, and scallops, are all known to possess aphrodisiac qualities. Joso's is an upscale eatery that specializes in seafood, also known for their uniquely colourful interior. 

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Cava // 1560 Yonge Street

Cava is a Spanish-inspired restaurant that almost exclusively serves small plates. Nothing says romance like feeding each other bites from your shared dishes!

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Pinky's Ca Phe // 53 Clinton Street

Located inside a seemingly domestic house, you and your date will feel instantly at home in Pinky's. The cozy decor combined with the delicious Vietnamese snack-style meals make this restaurant a clear winner. 

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Grey Gardens // 199 Augusta Ave

Amazing seafood. Insane wine selection. Cozy atmosphere. What else could you need?!

Bar Begonia // 252 Dupont Street

When it comes to intimate settings, it doesn't get much comfier than Bar Begonia. This stylish lounge serves non-fussed French-inspired comfort food that is sure to impress your date. 

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