Let's take a moment to thank the Spanish for inventing the sacred churro. Whoever thought of frying dough and smothering it in cinnamon and sugar was a genius.

There are some pretty amazing spots in Toronto where you can get insanely good churros. Actually attaining these sweet treats from one of the following places may entail a pretty hefty wait, but we promise it'll be worth it.

Choco Churros // Food Truck

What started as a small New York cart in the 90s, has become one of the most sought after food trucks in Toronto. It is adorably owned by a couple that once had separate churro carts and eventually married, starting their joint business venture: Choco Churros...#goals.

Pancho's Bakery Toronto // 214 Augusta Ave.

Their claim to fame is their irresistible churros. The bakery arrived in Toronto just four years ago, however it has been around since 1927 being passed down through generations in Mexico. The dulce de leche is to die for! Also located at: 1017 Dufferin St. and 658 College St.

Patria // 478 King St. West

The authentic Spanish tapas eatery offers a plethora of amazing main courses and of course, deserts; their churros being one of the most popular desert items. This place will satisfy every hunger craving in the very best way.

Photo cred - @la_carnita

La Carnita // 501 College St.

You probably know them for their amazing tacos. People will line up for hours to eat here, but what they are even more surprised and satisfied to find when dining here is their delicious churros. There is nothing better than deep fried goodness after some awesome tacos.

El Catrin // 18 Tank House Lane

Also known for their delicious mexican cuisine, El Catrin offers some incredible deserts. The Tres Leches, Pastel De Elote, and Volcan all sound like incredible cheat meals. However, their churros with the cajeta, chocolate, and raspberry sauce are not something to be missed!

Sweet Jesus // 106 John St.

Surprise! Sweet Jesus does not only sell insanely-amazing-incredible-crazy-out-of-this-world ice cream master pieces, but also churros! AND THEY'RE SO GOOD. So if you want to hit this place up on a cold day, but don't want to necessarily eat something cold, check out their churros.

Empanada Company // 122 Fortieth St.

Located on the border of Toronto and Mississauga, this place sells amazing empanada's. Aside from their popular mains, they also offer churros that are incredible!

El Caballito // 220 King St. West

The photo speaks for itself. They don't just offer churros, they offer the mother of all churros and ice cream sandwiches combined! Their Churro Ice Cream Sandwich is worth whatever wait you have to go through to get it.

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