Eating out can be difficult when you're trying to stay fit, but Toronto's social media influencers are helping to change that.

Isabel Lahela - a fitness guru with over 156,000 followers on Instagram - is among a group of local Instagram elites who are seriously shaping the way Toronto eats, lives and stays healthy.

A Canadian National Power Lifting Record Holder and National Olympic Weightlifter, Lahela promotes positive body image, self love, and confidence with her followers - and she also happens to have some incredible guilt-free recipes.

via @isabel.lahela

As a multi-strength sport athlete and personal trainer, it's safe to say she knows how to stay fit. So how does she manage to keep a healthy diet while living in Toronto - a world leader for drool-worthy and incredibly greasy (but delicious) foods? She's let us in on her favourite clean eating spots.

So instead of skipping the bread basket, ordering more salad and making sure your dressing comes on the side, just follow Isabel's recommendations instead.

Here are her top 12 clean eat spots in Toronto:

via @isabel.lahela

Where is one spot in the city where we can always find you (other than the gym, of course)? 

Food wise, Whole Foods... otherwise, there isn't one spot in particular that I gravitate towards. If I'm out with friends, we are usually somewhere around Queen St. East or West!

Name a cafe where the staff knows your order by heart.

Impact Kitchen.

What's your favourite Instagram-worthy place in Toronto? 

The Beach (If we're talking food though, Dutch Dreams)!

Name somewhere (or something) at the top of your food bucket list you'd love to try buy haven't yet. 

I've been dying to try Barque.

What's your favourite restaurant in the city to meet up with your friends? 

The Good Son. Great food, great vibe.

What's your all-time favourite order and where is it from? 

This answers changes frequently haha but currently the Warrior Bowl from Impact Kitchen takes the prize.

Name an underrated place you've been that's so good you'd recommend it to anyone. 

Jules Bistro. Don't know if it classifies as underrated but the cote de boeuf is unreal and it's such a cozy restaurant!

Do you have a favourite bar in the city?

Lula Lounge, my favorite salsa bar, has great live music - and salsa dancing of course!

If you had to eat dinner at the same restaurant in Toronto every day for the rest of your life, which one would it be and why? 

Buca on King. My love for pizza and pasta is too real and they have such delicious and unusual options.

Name your favourite brunch spot. 

Starving Artist.

What's your favourite place to indulge in dessert? 

Nadege and Summer's Ice Cream.

Do you have a secret spot you'd love to tell us about? 

Pancho y Emiliano in Kensington Market has hands down the most authentic Mexican food in the city that I've had to date. By far my favorite taco spot.

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