Right now, there are so many delicious Asian food festivals happening around Toronto. If you plan on attending any of the events, like the Waterfront Night Market, make sure to look out for the vendor, T-Bear. All summer long, T-Bear will be selling soft serve ice cream in Toronto in super cute bear waffle cones that you need to try!

A bear waffle cone is similar to the trendy Taiyaki ice cream cones (the ones that look like a fish). It's a cone that's shaped to look like an adorable teddy bear head. On top of the cone, you can then pick your choice of soft-serve ice cream!

At T-Bear, there's a variety of yummy flavours, with some of them only being available for a limited time. What we love is how the ice cream flavours are so unique! Some of the most popular options include Thai ice tea, black jack, and durian.

From June until early September, T-Bear will be travelling around Toronto selling their bear waffle cones. So, make sure to mark down when the bear waffle cone vendor will be near you. T-Bear is now at the Waterfront Night Market from Aug. 9 to 12, before moving to Toronto City Hall from Sep. 6 to 8.

Make sure to get your hands on a bear waffle cone before summer is over! These tasty treats are nearly too cute to eat. Each bear waffle cone is available for $8.

T-Bear Bear Waffle Cone

Price: $8 per bear waffle cone

Address: Waterfront Night Market - 185 Cherry Street, Toronto | Toronto City Hall - 100 Queen St W, Toronto

When: Aug. 9-12 at the Waterfront Night Market, Sep. 6-8 at Toronto City Hall

Why you should go: Wrap up your summer by enjoying an almost too cute to eat bear waffle cone!


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