The juice bar has become synonymous with health junkies that barely cringe at the action of paying $12 for a smoothie, but they're nothing to scoff at. In reality, they're revolutionized and sometimes retro-fitted versions of the establishments we know and love (Booster Juice, Jugo Juice) and they create liquid meals that taste ten times better than the average mango smoothie. These ten Toronto bars back that statement up and though most of them might be fairly new to the GTA, they're all spiked with a unique twist that's bound to make you wish you never gave up on your Magic Bullet.

Bolt Fresh Bar

Bolt just so happens to be steps away from The Drake Hotel and it's why it's become a health nut watering hole for those that reside in Parkdale and West Queen West. Their juices can run you anywhere from $6 to $8 - ranging in Spicy Citrus, Beet Red, and Green Pineapple - and their smoothies are $8 to $9 afternoon delights that pack it all in. Need an example? The Lemon Tart blends lemon flesh, banana, Medjool dates, vanilla, hemp hearts, lecuma, and coconut milk.

Cruda Café

Anchored in the center of St. Lawrence Market, Cruda are a supporter of all things local, gluten free, and sugar free. Their rawraps and rawtacos are hard to deny, but their juice bar is heaven in a nutshell. The Sunshine Smoothie mixes bananas with mangoes and pineapple, and My Root combines pineapple, spinach, lemon, and jicama - otherwise known as Mexican yams.

Photo cred - deFERIK


deKEFIR are simply a haven that's hidden underneath the city. The popular PATH spot is one of the few juice bars in the GTA to use fresh kefir in their blends and while they do offer the traditional strawberry and banana smoothie, they're willing to get creative with figs, walnuts, mint, grapefruit, rhubarb, and watermelon.

Evolution Food Co.

Evolution is a bit new to the scene (and to Market Street), but that hasn't isolated their ingenuity. Their juice bar is stocked with cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and house-made almond milks - all of which spark childhood memories (Cookies & Cream), provide energy boosts (Mean Green Protein), and help produce a fruit-based glow (Solar Flare).


Compared to the other entries in this list, Fresh is essentially the old juice bar veteran that's still clinging onto authenticity. They're no longer the new kid on block (and by far), but their old-fashioned ways still thrive, especially since locals still find comfort in their logo. Their vegan-friendly menu is also still packed with choices as Fresh is home fruit smoothies, green smoothies, power shakes, supermilks, green juices, cold drinks, and immune elixirs.

The Good Press

"Local, Fresh, Healthy, Organic". It's a motto The Good Press and their "juiceologists" institute and it's an easy one to find in their all-organic, cold-pressed juice menu. Their cold-pressed is some of the city's elite and it comes down to the right values and combinations; Ruby Tuesday, Pear Me The Details, and Black Beauty are all favourites, but their Cashew Crave rules all.

The Goods

The Little Portugal start-up is so hooked on doing good that they'll take time of out their day to stop by your home or office with a quick fix. Their delivery service is worth taking advantage of as their green smoothies ($6-$11) are packed with two to six servings of raw fruit and veggies, and their raw chocolate, superfood drink, the Insteada, is a coffee alternative that comes with a natural jolt.

Photo cred - Fat Girl Food Squad

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse first opened its doors in January 2014 and since then, the Summerhill/Rosedale has become one of Toronto's more refined options. They're unquestionably the most expensive spot for a cold-press, but it's hard to debate their eye for flavor. They carry a foursome of handmade nut milks (Almond, Choco-Maca, Pink, and Green), a Chia Seed Hydrator water, and bold juices such as the flu-fighting Wake Up (orange, lemon, grapefruit, liquid cayenne) and The Misfit (grape, celery, lime).

Pulp Kitchen

Don't be fooled by Pulp Kitchen's minimalism. Their retro look can overshadow their extensive list of juices and it's a shame considering they have two locations - Queen St. E and The Danforth - that are ready to serve their fresh pressed juices, premium juices, smoothies, and super shakes. They also offer a long list of drink additions that include flax oil, spirulina, gingko biloba, milk thistle, red clover, echinacea, and smoked cherry & chard roulade.

Raw Chemist Juice Bar

If Fresh Restaurants are the old vets, then the folks at Raw Chemist Juice Bar are the savvy youngsters. In this case, the word "savvy" should be bolded, italicized, and underlined as Jessica Risi's bar has kept The Junction happy with freshly made/bottled cold-pressed juices and an assortment of 16oz made-to-order smoothies. Better yet, if you're feeling ill, RC will make sure to customize a remedy that's prepared to do battle until the bitter end.

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