So you think you have a killer Instagram? You have photos of all the coolest places, murals, skylines, sunsets and more. More importantly, you've completed this list of places to take Instagram photos.

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Sure you've seen the Thompson Hotel rooftop and the Polson Pier, but this challenge is for all the foodies out there. How many of these photos can you take for your foodstagram?

Check out this challenge of food photos to take in Toronto, and tag us in your pics!

via @annawithlove

1. A photo of ice cream from Sweet Jesus on the iconic blue wall.

via @theporchto

2. A picture of you with a jumbo cocktail from The Porch.

via @labananeresto

3. Spend on the insane chocolate egg from La Banane

via @caliiloveco

4. Capture a healthy platter including a smoothie bowl.

via @burgersto

5. A photo of you holding a legendary burger from Burger Priest

via @thesneakydees

6. A tower of the city famous Sneaky Dee's nachos. 

via @la_carnita

7. A photo of at least 3 tacos from La Carnita

via @ihalokrunch

8. 1 photo of charcoal ice cream.

via @shortandsweetcupcakes

9. A hefty ice cream sandwich from Short and Sweet Bakeshop

via @royaltea_toronto

10. Insane bubble tea from Royaltea

via @tastethisto

11. An insane seafood dish from Mamakas Taverna

via @trevorlui

12. A super greasy fattening breakfast spread from The Bloor Jane Diner

via @ra_vi_m_21

13. 2 different pizzas from Libretto

via @rolltationtoronto

14. A sushi burrito from Rolltation.

via @tofoodies

15. An entire table of Dim Sum from Rol San

via @gloryholedoughnuts

16. A dozen insane looking doughnuts.

via @toreats

17. A waffle pizza from Toast Delight

via @culininaeats

18. Cool fusion pad Thai fries from Lisa Marie

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