When you think of eating a big, hearty breakfast meal most likely you'll think of eggs. Eggs have been a staple breakfast food ever now because of how versatile they are. You can scramble them, fry them, poach them, slather them with hollandaise sauce, throw them between some bread, honestly the possibilities are endless. 

It's no surprise then that a restaurant dedicated to this beloved and versatile food is opening up in Toronto. It's only a surprise that it took this long for a shop like this to finally pop up! 

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Egg Bae is the brand new restaurant dedicated to all things eggs that will be opening up in Kensington Market this spring! They're located at 189 Augusta Ave and their official grand opening is scheduled for May 27th so mark your calendars! 

Their specialty is definitely going to be egg breakfast sandwiches topped with everything from smoked salmon to potato chips to bacon and so much more. They'll also be serving up homemade hashbrowns and Vietnamese coffee to add to your hearty breakfast. 

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You can also expect a super cool interior at this spot complete with graffiti, murals and a bright pink neon sign that will look killer on your Instagram feed. 

They use locally sourced, free run eggs in all of their breakfast items and always maintain the motto of 'eggs before all else'! This spot is definitely going to be one of the coolest places to go for breakfast in Kensington so make sure you get over there as soon as they open before there's lineups out the door every morning. 

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Check out their Instagram page for more information and updates! 

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