Toronto's restaurant and bar scene is actually super impressive. Almost every street you turn down you'll see a multiple restaurants serving unforgettable food and bars serving amazing drinks in a cool atmosphere. 

Now that summer is here it's the perfect time to get out there and explore all the great bars and restaurants this city has to offer. There's tons of stunning rooftop patios in the city that are perfect for a drink on a sunny summer day but this is definitely one of the coolest. 

Mascot Brewery is a unique brewpub that sits in the heart of downtown Toronto that has it's own rooftop beer garden! 

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The Mascot Brewery is located at 31 Mercer St right new Toronto's downtown Entertainment District. They offer tons of craft brews on tap, a super chill atmosphere with great music and sunny views of the city!

Their rooftop beer garden will literally make you feel like you escaped to a rooftop oasis out of the city where you can catch some rays, enjoy good food, company and drinks! The patio comes with cute yellow umbrellas, communal picnic tables, and an astroturf of fake grass.  

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The rooftop beer garden has officially opened for the season! They'll also be holding weekly parties every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The best DJs in the city will be playing all weekend long so you can enjoy drinks with amazing tunes. 

Their beer garden also serves tons of delicious food including grilled chicken wings, ceviche, burgers, schnitzel and pretzel sticks, smoked back ribs and so much more! 

They have all kinds of beers on tap, in bottles plus a list of delicious cocktails if you're not as much of a beer person. 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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