Calling all book lovers! If you love spending your days getting lost in a good book, there's an adorable book store in Toronto that has something extra special for you. 

I don't know about you guys but I love reading, always have and always will! There's something so enjoyable about reading a gripping story and before you know it hours have passed and you haven't set the book down once. 

The Monkey's Paw is a unique book store that is full of rare books, old printed items, and the main attraction: their book vending machine! 

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The Monkey's Paw is located at 1267 Bloor St W in the Bloordale area. This book vending machine is the very first of it's kind ever created and randomly dispenses rare books. 

All you have to do is purchase a $3 token, place it in the slot and the vending machine will randomly select a rare, old book of any genre, shape and colour imaginable! Users have said that oddly, all the books that they were given seemed to be a perfect fit for them. 

Take a look at this video to see how it works! 

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But the vending machine isn't all this book shop has to offer. It's an antiquarian shop specializing in uncommon books and artifacts from the age of print so you can expect to find some seriously cool and unique stuff in the aisles of this shop. 

It's definitely an curious spot but if you're looking for a hidden gem to discover in the city, this is definitely it! 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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