Sushi is probably one of the most delicious foods to eat, ever. As I'm writing this I just finished up eating sushi at lunch today so you can bet I'm big sushi fan. 

That's why I was so excited to hear about this new sushi shop in Toronto that serves sushi with a super interesting twist. This isn't your run of the mill rice topped with a piece of sushi-grade salmon, they've taken it to another level entirely! 

Torch Pressed Sushi is a sushi shop that specializes in a unique form of sushi where they actually sear the top of their sushi with a flame torch! 

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You can find Torch Pressed Sushi located at 6026 Yonge St in Toronto's North York area. They combined two different styles of sushi, Oshizushi which means "pressed or boxed sushi" and Aburi which means "flame-seared sushi". The latter is a new form of sushi making and the former is the older form. 

They've combined these two concepts to create sushi that's completely unique totally delicious. Their sushi is made to 'melt in your mouth' and the sauces are unreal! 

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They serve all kinds of torch pressed sushi including spicy salmon, tempura shrimp, tuna, unagi, yam & banana and more! They also include a free miso soup when you buy 6 or more pieces of sushi. 

But torch pressed sushi isn't the only unique thing on their menu. They also serve torch sandwiches which come in all kinds of flavours like salmon surimi, shrimp tempura and torched surimi! They also have a variety of poke bowls where you can add torched fish on top. 

This spot should definitely be at the top of your list if you want to take your sushi game to the next level!

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Check out their website for more information. 

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