With the Toronto weather now continuing on as if it's the beginning of December, you are probably dying for anything that will remind you of warmer months. Thankfully, the foodie scene can prove to be a pretty satisfying trip in itself (for your taste buds that is)- and the newest restaurant that's hit the city is sure to impress you and your stomach!

The place in question is called La Paella and they serve up all the Spanish eats you could ever dream of. Think tons of paella and tapas styled food paired with some insanely good wine. Though their food isn't the only star of the show, considering the actual design of the space will make you feel as though you're in Spain for real! 

@lapaella_leslievilleembedded via

@lapaella_leslievilleembedded via

Their menu features tapas that start at around $10 while paellas can run into the $50+ range but are well worth it if you are feeling boujee. While paellas are definitely their feature, it's not the only thing that they're cooking up that will leave your mouth watering. They also have mojoma, tortilla espanolas, garlic shrimp and empanada gallega! You can polish off your main course with some incredible almond cake as well (or just enjoy more wine). 

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So what you are waiting for? You can check them on Instagram or in real life over on 1146 Queen St East, and if you are determined to enjoy their menu you can call them at 416-546-1055 to book a reservation- bon appetit! 

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