If you've ever tried soup dumplings I'm sure you instantly became insanely obsessed with them. If you still haven't had the pleasure of trying a soup dumpling, you've got to try one because they take dumplings to a whole other level. 

This dim sum house in Toronto does it bigger and better than the others, literally, by making a giant soup dumpling that actually comes with a straw to slurp up the delicious salty soup.

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Yu Garden is located at 8750 Bayview Ave near Markham. It's worth the trip outside of the downtown core because you'll be treated to the most unique dumpling experience in all of Toronto! 

This authentic Shanghai dim sum house serves a whole menu of specialty steamed dumplings. The one that you're all here for is called their 'King Size Nanxiang Crab Roe Soup in Steamed Bun' that costs $7.03. 

They also serve a mix of colourful steamed dumplings that come in regular sizes in flavours like truffle and assorted mushrooms, mushrooms and vegetables, crab and more!

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Check out their website for more information. 


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