With the city already overflowing with coffee shops, it's hard for any café to stand out. There needs to be something really special about it to make it worth coming back to - cold brews and hipster designs aren't enough to secure a faithful following nowadays.

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All java houses in the city should take some notes from Café Pamenar, a small shop with big appeal. Located in Kensington, which already has a bounteous coffee scene, it manages to stay competitive in the market due to its adherence to one uncomplicated principle - simplicity.

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There are no flashy neon lights, fancy machines or extravagant decor. Instead, the shop boasts a minimalistic aesthetic that consists of a combination of concrete, glass, reclaimed woods and plants. Achieving this level of simplicity wasn't necessarily an easy undertaking. It took a whole lot of planning - six years of it, to be exact - but what resulted was a cozy and reliable place where people could go to escape the mercilessness of urban life.

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Artisanal brews and delicious baked goods are all prepared with the utmost care, and everything is reasonably priced. This reflects greatly on the shop's commitment to providing excellent service and putting guests first. Visitors can enjoy their meals at the intimate bar inside, but the garden patio is undeniably the place to be, especially in the summer months.

The outdoor space features several large tables that are surrounded by green trees, climbing vines and gorgeous red roses. Though the courtyard is a little narrow, it's a great place to enjoy a book, chat with friends or just bask in the tranquil atmosphere.

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Visit Cafe Pamenar at: 307 Augusta Avenue

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