Now that summer is here we're all getting that wanderlust feeling, wishing we could jet off to a private beach in a faraway land. That's the real dream isn't it? Spending your days lounging on a white sandy beach in the sunshine where your only worry in the world is when you'll enjoy your next mojito. 

Well if you can't quite afford to jet off to a private beach where you'll be served refreshing mojitos all day long, don't worry! This hidden snack bar in Toronto will make you feel like you're relaxing on a sandy beach in Cuba without the flight. 

Julie's Cuban Restaurant looks like it's actually a corner store but it serves some of the best authentic Cuban food and summer cocktails this city has to offer. 

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Julie's Cuban Restaurant is located at 202 Dovercourt Rd near the Little Portugal area. This Cuban oasis in the city is the definition of a hidden gem and is beloved by everyone in this neighbourhood. They're known for their unbelievably delicious mojitos and authentic Cuban food. 

The space will immediately transport you on a tropical vacation that's ideal for a romantic date night. They have twinkly lights hanging from the ceilings, a small interior space that feels lively yet intimate, a sunny outdoor patios covered with trees and checkered table cloths that feel so classic. 

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Some of the unreal food you can try from their menu includes their calamari, shrimp in white wine and garlic, grilled chicken quesadilla, chorizo in red wine sauce, traditional black beans and rice, chicken breast stuffed with plantains and soooo much more! 

They also have a full menu of tropical cocktails that are ideal for these sunny summer days. You can try their classic mojito, lime Daiquiri, fresh fruit Daiquiri made with mango, guava, strawberries or bananas, classic margaritas and strawberry margaritas! 

This stunning snack bar/restaurant/bar has the feel of a casual diner with a romantic, Cuban twist that is perfect for hot summer patio nights or romantic date nights. 

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Check out their website for more information. 

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