Fancy Franks has long been known as the spot to get a good hot dog in the city. From their customizable dogs to their signature dishes ranging from styles as outrageous as the 'Franks Coney Island' to their 'Frankathenopolis' hot dogs, they have pretty much cornered the hot dog market in Toronto.

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Though they have expanded past hot dogs offering equally as insane poutine and burger dishes that cater to all fast food lovers but there is one part of their menu that is often overlooked- and that's their donut menu. 

For some reason when most people visit Fancy Franks they neglect their donut selection which is absolutely insane. Their mini donuts are honestly so good they rival even Tiny Toms! They've got tons of different flavours too such as original, strawberry jelly, lemon jelly, white powdered donuts, apple cinnamon and the star of their menu, donuts covered in Nutella and biscotti bits! 

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Trust me when I say the photos do not do these donuts justice as they're made fresh for each order and are practically impossible to resist (so maybe save visiting this spot for your cheat day!) If you are ready to indulge you can check out Fancy Franks at one of their numerous locations around the city by visiting their website and finding the closest one to you! 

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