The Boil Bar is a brand new seafood joint in Toronto and they sure serve the most unusual caesars in town. This drink is made on a total different level and I seriously mean it. The caesar itself is put together with classic ingredients (Clamato, Tabasco, Worcestershire ), but the garnishes that this seafood cocktail are topped off with, is what makes it so bizarre.

"Holy crab" you'll say, once this drink arrives at your table. It's pretty much a meal served on top of a drink with a huge panko crusted soft shell crab, shrimp, celery and olives, stacked on top of your beverage. I must say, it's a pretty yummy and creative cocktail.

This delicious seafood cocktail will cost you $16.00 all together. Oh and also, FYI if you're not a huge fan of caesars, (even though I don't understand how that's even possible) you substitute it with a seafood mojito, sex on the beach or a long island ice tea that will get super smashed.


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Long Island Ice Tea:

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