For all you sweet tooth fanatics who love anything sweet, be sure to hit up this new creperie on King and Church for a foodie experience that'll satisfy the crepe out of you!

Whether it be sweet or savoury, sink your teeth into your these insanely delicious folds of your favourite french delicacy served up in the wildest combinations of flavours. This restaurant that has been conceptualized for years by Aurash Gashgaei and Rez Zarafshan is sure to serve up a mighty fold of whatever your heart (and stomach) desires for you to enjoy in the bright and homey ambience of this restaurant's interior. Not only are these insane crepes sure to satisfy, but check out their freshly made sugarcane juice or fresh watermelon juice to wash down your meal with a sweet but healthier alternative to your typical soft drink.

via @crepetoronto

via @crepetoronto

Some meals on the menu include:  "The Raptors" (a savoury crepe for breakfast consisting of scrambled eggs, mushrooms, spinach, salami, cheddar, pesto and mayo) and your classic fave of Nutella with a chunk of your favourite fresh fruits such as bananas, strawberries and blueberries.

via @crepetoronto

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